Fire Hydrant Testing Throughout April

Post Date:04/03/2019 2:05 PM

The Chapel Hill Fire Department is performing annual hydrant testing of every fire hydrant in Chapel Hill, as required by the N.C. Department of Insurance, throughout the month of April.

This testing is one of the processes that keeps insurance rates as low as possible in Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill currently has a Class 2 rating with the North Carolina Response Rating System (NCRRS).

What You’ll See Outside
Firefighters will flow water through the hydrants for three to four minutes to ensure the proper water pressure is reached to adequately fight a fire. The water will be directed into the nearest storm drain.

You may notice a fire truck in your neighborhood. Firefighters will be identifiable in Chapel Hill Fire Department gear and the fire truck will have its lights on when performing the test. Please give the fire truck and firefighters plenty of clearance if you need to pass them.

What You May See Inside
Residents may notice slight discoloration in the water during a test or after a test is completed in the area. This discoloration is not harmful. Run cold water for a couple minutes until the discoloration is gone.

This hydrant testing is also good for the water system as it flushes sediment out of the system.

Always Remain Clear of Fire Hydrants
Fire hydrants require three feet of clearance on either side. This clearance allows firefighters adequate space to attach necessary equipment without damaging nearby items (like a parked vehicle).


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