Mayors’ Statement Against ICE Raids

Post Date:02/14/2019 1:23 PM
During the past week, more than 230 people have been arrested across North Carolina during surprise raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Most of these arrests were targeted at counties where our sheriffs have ended the practice of “ICE detainers.” That is, they are no longer holding suspected undocumented immigrants 48 hours beyond the time they would legally be allowed to be released after posting bond or serving a sentence. This is the prerogative of our sheriffs, and they have exercised it wisely to help our communities live free from fear.

The ICE raids have struck terror in the hearts of many of our valued community members. They have broken apart families, separating parents from their children.

We cannot stop ICE from operating in our cities, but we can and must speak out against these raids which destabilize neighborhoods, traumatize children, hurt many innocent people, and create distrust of law enforcement. The negative collateral consequences of these raids on our cities is enormous.

Therefore we, the undersigned mayors, state our unwavering opposition to the ICE raids that have swept North Carolina in recent days, and we call on ICE officials to cease such raids in the future. These raids are detrimental to the welcoming, stable, loving communities that we work every day to build.


Steve Schewel, Mayor of Durham

Nancy Vaughan, Mayor of Greensboro

Mitch Colvin, Mayor of Fayetteville

Esther Manheimer, Mayor of Asheville

Ian Baltutis, Mayor of Burlington

Pam Hemminger, Mayor of Chapel Hill

Lydia Lavelle, Mayor of Carrboro

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