Avoid the Fine—Register Your Alarm System Today

Post Date:01/16/2019 10:17 AM

Community Safety officials in the Town of Chapel Hill are reminding you to register your home and business alarms to avoid unnecessary fines.

Registering alarm systems is free and convenient with options for online registration at townofchapelhill.org/alarms or by calling toll-free 1-855-725-7107 to register by phone.

Owners of homes and businesses where alarms are not registered will receive a $100 fine when the police department or fire department responds to an accidental alarm. The fines will increase for additional accidental alarms if the owner doesn’t register their alarm system. There are no fines for the response to an actual emergency.

For those homes and businesses that are registered in cases where community safety officials respond to four or more accidental alarms in a 365 day period, the registered alarm user will face a series of graduated fines, ranging from $100 to $500 for each violation. The fee schedule for accidental alarms is as follows: 

1 – 3: No fine 
4 & 5: $100 each 
6 & 7: $200 each 
8 & 9: $300 each 
10 + : $500 each 

For more information or to register your alarm, visit townofchapelhill.org/alarms. You may also email info@townofchapelhill.org if you have additional questions that can’t be answered online.


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