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Short Term Rental (STR) Task Force

The Short Term Rental Task Force (STR) will meet regularly and discuss possible provisions of an STR ordinance. The task force includes advisory board members as well as stakeholder groups such as STR operators and advocates, hoteliers, and community members. The ttask force will provide input and recommendations for Town Council to consider as part of the larger process to adopt an ordinance.

Charge of the Task Force:

1. Identify goals of developing an effective STR ordinance relating to whole house and whole unit investor-owned rental for staff to share with the Council on November 18, 2019.
2. Review staff recommendations for processes to handle registration and safety checks for all STRs.
3. Attend regularly scheduled meetings where staff and guest speakers will present qualitative and quantitative information to help guide larger discussions on themes related to STR regulations.
4. Actively participate in meetings to review and deliberate on themes related to STRs. Work with staff to identify topics needing further discussion as needed.
5. Identify impacts of possible STR regulations on various stakeholder groups as presented by staff. Seek a balanced approach to regulating STRs in a way that reflects the views of multiple stakeholder groups.
6. Develop a set of final recommendations for STR regulations for category 3 above (whole house, non-owner occupied rentals), including safety checks and registration that can be translated by staff and presented to the Council for consideration and enactment in March 2020.

The Council has created a community-wide engagement process that includes the task force, a public survey, and public information meetings.

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