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Orange County/Chapel Hill Work Group

Chapel Hill Work Group

Friday, October 11, 11 am-1 pm

Solid Waste Administration offices, 1207 Eubanks Road, Chapel Hill


Session Goals

  1. Establish positive, productive agreements for working together.
  2. Define what effective collaboration looks like for this group.
  3. Identify success factors for the group’s work and the metrics that will be used to gauge progress.
  4. Prioritize topics for the group’s work.
  5. Clarify topics and confirm questions to be addressed.
  6. Beginning to jointly generate possible solutions.

Session Agenda

*A light lunch will be served*   

Welcome & Why we’re here – Penny Rich & Renée Price

Goals for the session – Maggie Chotas, Facilitator

Introductions and checking in

What’s one hope you have for this Work Group?

Articulating the vision for collaboration

  • How will we work together? What communication ground rules will we use?
  • What does effective collaboration look like for this group?
  • How will we know the group is successful? What metrics will we use to gauge progress?

Prioritizing topics for discussion

What is most urgent? What is most important?

Clarifying topics & Sharpening questions

What do topics include? What are the questions that need to be answered? What interests need to be considered?

Beginning to surface possible solutions

How can we imagine addressing these issues?

Identifying next steps

What are the next steps coming out of this session?

Evaluating the session

What worked well about this session? What would you like to see changed for our next session

Possible Topics for Discussion: Chapel Hill Work Group

  1. Economic Development
  • UNC start-ups
    1. Transit & Transportation
  • Voting structure and Orange County Transit Plan
    1. Climate Action Plan, Committee & Tax 
    2. Affordable Housing
  • Update on Town’s efforts (2200 Homestead, Public Housing)
  • Partnership Opportunities?
    1. Residential Development & Gentrification
    2. Greene Tract
  • Next Steps, Resolutions and MOU >
    1. Materials Recycling Program
    2. 2020 Census
    3. Library Funding
    4. What does Partnership look like to the Town?
    5. Governance Document

Informational Updates:

  • Mobil Parks
  • Wegmans
  • BRT
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