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Pop-Up Gallery

  • Date: 05/12/2019 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM  
Marie-RossettieWith an impassioned eye and a background as a certified medical illustrator, Marie Rossettie meticulously portrays the human body - inside and out. Using a wide variety of media, from carbon dusting to encaustics to Photoshop, her work maintains a common thread of near-photographic precision suffused with a heartfelt appreciation for the quirks and flaws that make us each unique.

Marie cleanly and accurately recreates the goriest of scenes for medical journals, magazines, surgical how-tos, patient education, and legal cases.

For her series "Friends Making Funny Faces," Marie intentionally veered from the severity of her professional work in both form and function. These portraits capture her subjects at their silliest using cheap and simple materials - brushes, ink, newsprint, wallpaper paste - to convey a sense of immediacy, intimacy, and fleeting fun. Though the process revels in its rawness Marie's attention to detail and patience remains, evidenced by the glint of an eye, the strands of hair, the patterns on tongues. 

In collection, these portraits provide a glimpse of humanity every bit as informative and true as her medical illustrations.

Marie’s work will be on display at 109 East Franklin Street (the old Ackland Art Museum Store) throughout the weekend. 
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