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Joint Advisory Board Meeting-Advisory Board Membership Policy & Engineering Design Manual Review

Updated 11/7/18

 Hello Advisory Boards members and staff liaisons! We need your feedback on the Council Committee on Boards and Commissions recommendation to amend the Advisory Board Membership Policy and the related sections of the

Town Code of Ordinances. Please reply to There is also an opportunity to attend a joint Advisory Board meeting to ask questions and provide feedback on November 6 at 6 p.m. in the Council Chamber in Town Hall at 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

 The Council Committee’s recommendations are listed below:

  • Amend the Attendance Clause to clarify when a member is in good standing and simplify the process for removal of a member who is not actively participating.
  • Amend the Length of Term Clause to remove the option to continue to serve until a successor has been appointed.
  • Remove the Historic District resident designated seat from the Community Design Commission and make all 9 seats the same.
  • Add a Stormwater Advocate seat to the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Board.
  • Add a Cemeteries Champion seat to the Parks, Greenways, and Recreation Commission.
  • Conclude the Cemeteries Advisory Board effective June 30, 2019 due to minimal membership.
  • Reduce the Historic District Commission Membership to nine members, as requested.
  • Simplify the process to amend the rules as it pertains to the advisory board membership, it requests, where possible that the staff consolidate this information in the advisory board membership policy and remove it from the Town Code of Ordinances.

Several of these changes will require a multi-step process: formal recommendation by the Planning Commission on November 6, Council public hearing on November 14, and formal Council action. Council will take action on the remaining items during the final step so that these changes affect all advisory boards at the same time.

In addition, before the Town Manager amends the Engineering Design Manual, he would like to provide an additional opportunity for the Advisory Board Members to provide any further feedback.  Revisions to the manual began in 2016.  A presentation on the draft revisions was made to the Board Members last spring.  Several comments were received and it is time to present the final revised manual.  Before the presentation on November 6th and through November 27, 2018, Board Members may send Chris Roberts, Manager of Engineering and Infrastructure ( , questions or comments about the manual that can be accessed at any time at the following link:


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