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Town Properties Task Force

  • Date: 05/26/2017 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM  
  • Location: Chapel Hill Public Library, Meeting Room C
    100 Library Drive
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514
  • Introduction: The Council Task Force on Strategic Uses of Town Properties is developing a strategic framework and initial ideas for specific Town-owned sites.

Meeting Agenda

1.        Approve Minutes of the April 5 and May 4, 2017 Meetings

Action Item: Minutes will be circulated in advance of the meeting with a request for revisions from Task Force members. If no comments are received, the minutes will be deemed approved.

2.        Announcements

3.        Public Comment

4.        Business

a.        Briefing on Southern Village Park and Ride

Background: At the May 4th meeting, the Task Force noted that any recommendations on the future uses of certain other Town-owned sites in the Southern Village area should take into account any long-term plans for the Southern Village Park and Ride Lot. Members requested a briefing about the scenarios developed in 2015 for possible redevelopment of the park and ride lot.

Action Item: Receive information about the Southern Village Park and Ride visioning process. Information is available on the Town website at Assistant Town Manager Mary Jane Nirdlinger, who was involved in this process, will brief the Task Force.

b.        Reports on Other Information Requested

Background: Several topics that may be relevant to various Town-owned properties have been mentioned during recent Task Force discussions.

Action Item: Receive brief information on the following topics:

  • Teen Center Usage
  • Downtown Parking Management Group – focus on Downtown off-street parking lots
  • Downtown Parking/Circulation Study – focus on multiple interests for uses of Franklin, Rosemary and Columbia streets, such as on-street parking, pedestrians, bicycles, and transit
  • Status of public water and sewer service to Town parcel south of Southern Village
  • Options for redevelopment of Police Center site through the Brownfield Program
  • Including Orange County’s West Franklin properties in the Task Force’s scope

c.        Next Steps for Parking Lot 2

Background: The Task Force has discussed encouraging a coordinated “four corners” approach to planning for the redevelopment of all four corners of the Rosemary and Columbia streets intersection that includes Town-owned Parking Lot 2 on the southeast corner and Historic Town Hall on the northwest corner. Property at the other two corners is privately-owned.

Action Item: Discuss what moving forward with a “four corners” approach to redevelopment of the Rosemary/Columbia streets intersection might look like.

d.        Review Preliminary Recommendations

Background: Recommendations are starting to coalesce in Task Force discussions regarding the use of Town-owned properties to further the Town’s strategic goals. In an attempt to capture emerging recommendations and remaining questions, Council Member Parker and staff have drafted “Town Properties Task Force – Preliminary Recommendations” and provided to the Task Force for review prior to the meeting.

Action Item: Review and discuss preliminary recommendations for use of Town-owned properties to further the Town’s strategic goals.

e.        Discuss Interim Report to Town Council on June 26, 2017

Background: The Task Force’s charge from Town Council anticipated presenting a final report to Town Council in June 2017 so that the Council could be in a position to take action on the report in September 2017. The Task Force is scheduled to give a report to Town Council on June 26th. The Town Manager has requested that Task Force provide an interim report to Town Council in conjunction with reports from other committees evaluating other Town-owned properties.

Action Item: Discuss content of proposed interim report to be presented to Town Council on June 26th.

f.        Discuss Task Force Schedule

Background: The original Task Force Work Plan includes an opportunity for public input into Task Force recommendations. A public input session was tentatively scheduled for June 8th. The Task Force is scheduled to meet again on June 16th and had discussed meeting once in August as follow-up to the June 26th Council meeting.

Action Item: Discuss Task Force public input and meeting schedule.

5.        Public Comment

6.        Adjournment

The next meeting will be Friday, June 16, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. in Meeting Room C at Chapel Hill Public Library.

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