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Town Properties Task Force

  • Date: 03/02/2017 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM  
  • Location: Chapel Hill Public Library: 8:30 AM - Load van in Upper Parking Lot. 10:00 AM - Discussion in Meeting Room A
    100 Library Drive
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514
  • Introduction: Driving tour of potential priority Town properties followed by discussion.

8:30 a.m. - Upper Parking Lot (Driving Tour of Potential Priority Properties)

10:00 – Meeting Room A

Meeting Agenda

1.        Opening

a.        Roll Call

b.        Approval of Agenda

2.        Driving Tour of Potential Priority Properties

Action Item: Load passenger van for a driving tour of Town properties that have been identified as potential priority properties. Those properties and approximate order in the driving tour are as follows:

  1. Parks and Recreation Department Office, 200 Plant Rd. (Map Ref. #7)
  2. Fire Station #3, 1615 E. Franklin St. at intersection with Elliott Road (Map Ref. #6)
  3. Open space known as the Dry Creek properties south of I-40 and on both sides of Erwin Road (Map Ref. #5) (Side trip: Cedar Falls Park)
  4. Eubanks Road Park and Ride Lot, 200 Eubanks Rd. (Map Ref. #2)
  5. Millhouse Road Parcels adjacent to and across the Town Operation Center (6850 Millhouse Rd.) and Chapel Hill Transit Center (6900 Millhouse Rd.) (Map Ref. #1)
  6. Fire Station #4, 101 Weaver Dairy Rd. Ext. at intersection with Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (Map Ref. #3)
  7. 2200 Homestead Rd. (vacant building and open space) (Map Ref. #4) (Side Trip: Homestead Park)
  8. Police Center, 828 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (Map Ref. #8)
  9. Open space in the Northside area east of the Norfolk Southern Railroad, south of Village Drive and east and south of Jay Street (Map Ref. #11)
  10. Parking Lot – 604 N. Rosemary St. (managed jointly with the Town of Carrboro) (Map Ref. #12)
  11. Parking Lot – 127 W. Rosemary St. (Map Ref. #16)
  12. Parking Lot – 100 E. Rosemary St. at intersection with Columbia Street (Map Ref. #18)
  13. Wallace Parking Deck, 150 E. Rosemary St. (Map Ref. #19)
  14. Old Post Office, 179 E. Franklin St. (Map Ref. #20)
  15. Parking Lot – 415 W. Franklin St. (east of Basnight Lane) (Map Ref. #14)
  16. Parking Lot – 108 Graham St. (Map Ref. #13)
  17. Open Space near the intersection of Bennett Road and Mt. Carmel Church Road (adjacent to Fire Station #5, 100 Bennett Rd.) (Map Ref. #9) (Side Trip: Southern Community Park)
  18. Open Space, 1610 US 15-501 South (west side of US 15-501 south of Southern Community Park) (Map Ref. #10)

Weather-permitting, the group may choose to walk around some properties.

Following the driving tour, the Task Force will convene in Meeting Room A at the Library.

3.        Public Comment (10:00 a.m., Library Meeting Room A)

4.        Business

a.        Approval of minutes

           Action Item: Approve minutes of the February 10, 2017 meeting.

b.        Discuss potential priority properties

Action Item: Receive feedback from Task Force members about the properties visited during the driving tour.

c.        Receive meeting schedule

Action Item: Receive Task Force Work Plan with meeting dates and locations through September 2017.

d.        Other Task Force Discussion

5.         Public Comment

6.         Adjournment

Action Item: The next meeting will be Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. in Meeting Room A at Chapel Hill Public Library.

Meeting Materials

Goal: Develop an overall strategic framework and initial ideas for specific sites, including those located in the Downtown area, for Council review in June 2017 and Council action in September 2017.


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