Planning Our Future

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IDEASCHAPEL HILL 2020 is our community’s comprehensive plan. It is a reflection of values, aspirations, and ideas.

It is organized around six theme areas:

• A Place for Everyone
• Community Prosperity &  Engagement
• Getting Around
• Good Places, New Spaces
• Nurturing Our Community
• Town & Gown Collaboration


BIG IDEAS embody the essence of the Chapel Hill 2020 goals that guide our efforts.

The plan identifies Future Focus Areas — vacant land, underdeveloped sites or locations along transit corridors. Most neighborhoods remain unchanged — for many years to come.


COMMUNITY PLANS reflect the ideas, priorities and preferences expressed by our residents through long-term planning processes. These plans include Chapel Hill 2020, Greenways Master Plan, Chapel Hill Bike Plan and others.


COMMUNITY SURVEY is conducted every two years to learn our residents’ perspectives about services and quality of life issues. The next survey occurs in fall 2015. bit.ly/ChapelHillSurvey


• Connected Community
• Rosemary Street Hub
• Entertainment/Dining Hubs
• Workforce Housing
• Community &  Neighborhood Engagement


1 - Downtown
2 - N MLK Blvd/I-40
3 - S MLK Blvd/Homestead Rd to Estes Dr
4 - Hwy 54
5 - N 15-501
6 - S 15-501





Community Voices

Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt

CHAPEL HILL MAYOR MARK KLEINSCHMIDT“On November 3, 2015, Chapel Hill voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on $40.3 million of general obligation bonds that will fund trails and greenways, recreation facilities, solid waste facilities, stormwater improvements, and streets and sidewalks, including streetscape changes in the heart of Downtown.

The bond referendum will not require a tax increase. If approved, it will fund public priorities expressed through the Community Survey and other community plans.

These initiatives come from our community visioning process – Chapel Hill 2020.

Our community. Our future.”



Planning Our Future

Transforming Your Ideas into Action

IDEASShaping IDEAS – We love Big Ideas in Chapel Hill. We create them, we share them, we talk about them. And then we look for ways to transform those Ideas into Action. In 2011, we set out to create the Vision for Chapel Hill for the next 10 years by developing a new Comprehensive Plan. We had a Big Idea of engaging new people in new ways and new places to create a “people’s plan” for our community that would not only identify land use principles but also guide all that the Town does. That year of public participation surpassed any other public engagement process of its kind in our history.

Working together, the community created a plan adopted by the Town Council in 2012 as Chapel Hill 2020. Since then, additional Community Plans have been developed by our advisory boards and commissions to expand on specifics of the community vision, such as the Stormwater Plan, the Bike Plan and the Parks and Recreation Plan. These planning processes also involved many hours of community engagement among community stakeholders, staff and elected officials. These plans also guide our priorities, budgeting, and activities.

The Community Survey, conducted every two years, helps us learn perspectives shared by our residents, including those who might not engage in traditional public processes and helps us see changes over time in those perspectives.  

targetSetting GOALS – The Town Council considers the Chapel Hill 2020 ideas as integral to its planning and budgeting efforts. The Council establishes its biennial Council Goals (published on the back page of this report) around the themes of the comprehensive plan. Its goals are also shaped by community input as expressed in Community Plans and the Community Survey.

ACTIONTaking ACTION – We have been busy working to implement the bright ideas shared by residents and honed by extensive engagement processes. We are committed to building a community where people thrive. Our Report to the Community is a window into this work and an effort to show how your ideas drive what we do. Once you have read this information, let us know how you think we are doing. And find your place to share and develop ideas into action.

—Town Manager Roger Stancil

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