S Route


South Campus / NC 54 East Park & Ride  

Westbound Eastbound
NC 54 Park and Ride Raleigh Rd at Glen Lennox Shopping Ctr Manning Dr at UNC Hospital South Rd at Fetzer Gym Raleigh Rd at Hamilton Rd NC 54 Park and Ride
 6:20a  6:26a  6:36a  6:39a  6:45a  6:51a
 6:30a  6:36a  6:46a  6:49a  6:55a  7:01a
 6:40a  6:46a  6:56a  6:59a  7:05a  7:11a
 6:55a  7:01a  7:11a  7:14a  7:20a  7:26a
 7:05a  7:11a  7:21a  7:24a  7:30a  7:36a
 7:15a  7:21a  7:31a  7:34a  7:40a  7:46a
 7:30a  7:36a  7:46a  7:49a  7:55a  8:01a
 7:40a  7:46a  7:56a  7:59a  8:05a  8:11a
 7:50a  7:56a  8:06a  8:09a  8:15a  8:21a
 8:05a  8:11a  8:21a  8:24a  8:30a  8:36a
 8:15a  8:21a  8:31a  8:34a  8:40a  8:46a
 8:25a  8:31a  8:41a  8:44a  8:50a  8:56a
 8:40a  8:46a  8:56a  8:59a  9:05a  9:11a
 8:50a  8:56a  9:06a  9:09a  9:15a  9:21a
 9:00a  9:06a  9:16a  9:19a  9:25a  9:31a
 9:15a  9:21a  9:31a  9:34a  9:40a  9:46a
 9:25a  9:31a  9:41a  9:44a  9:50a  9:56a
 9:35a  9:41a  9:51a  9:54a 10:00a 10:06a
 9:50a  9:56a 10:06a 10:09a 10:15a 10:21a*
10:00a 10:06a 10:16a 10:19a 10:25a 10:31a
10:15a 10:21a 10:31a 10:34a 10:40a 10:46a
10:35a 10:41a 10:51a 10:54a 11:00a 11:06a
10:50a 10:56a 11:06a 11:09a 11:15a 11:21a*
11:10a 11:16a 11:26a 11:29a 11:35a 11:41a
11:45a 11:51a 12:01p 12:04p 12:10p 12:16p
12:20p 12:26p 12:36p 12:39p 12:45p 12:51p
12:55p  1:01p  1:11p  1:14p  1:20p  1:26p
 1:30p  1:36p  1:46p  1:49p  1:55p  2:01p
 2:05p  2:11p  2:21p  2:24p  2:30p  2:36p
 2:40p  2:46p  2:56p  2:59p  3:05p  3:11p
 3:15p  3:21p  3:31p  3:34p  3:40p  3:46p
 3:45p  3:48p  3:54p  4:00p
 3:55p  3:58p  4:04p  4:10p
 3:50p  3:56p  4:06p  4:09p  4:15p  4:21p
 4:05p  4:11p  4:21p  4:24p  4:30p  4:36p
 4:15p  4:21p  4:31p  4:34p  4:40p  4:46p
 4:25p  4:31p  4:41p  4:44p  4:50p  4:56p
 4:40p  4:46p  4:56p  4:59p  5:05p  5:11p
 4:50p  4:56p  5:06p  5:09p  5:15p  5:21p
 5:00p  5:06p  5:16p  5:19p  5:25p  5:31p
 5:15p  5:21p  5:31p  5:34p  5:40p  5:46p
 5:25p  5:31p  5:41p  5:44p  5:50p  5:56p
 5:40p  5:46p  5:56p  5:59p  6:05p  6:11p
 5:50p  5:56p  6:06p  6:09p  6:15p  6:21p
 6:00p  6:06p  6:16p  6:19p  6:25p  6:31p*
 6:15p  6:21p  6:31p  6:34p  6:40p  6:46p
 6:25p  6:31p  6:41p  6:44p  6:50p  6:56p
 6:50p  6:56p  7:06p  7:09p  7:15p  7:21p*
 7:00p  7:06p  7:23p  7:26p  7:32p  7:38p

For service to Hedrick Building and 54 P&R after 7:00p, please see the HU and FCX Schedule.


This schedule is in effect as of August 18, 2014.

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