RU Route


Ridge Road Detour(Beginning July 28, 2016)

Ridge Road will be reconstructed from Manning Drive to Stadium Drive. Reconstruction includes new curb/gutter, sharrow markings for bicycles, new crosswalks, and pavement resurfacing. The A, CCX, DX, RU, and U Routes will be detoured during this closure. Should the project extend past August, the NU and Weekend NU Routes will also be detoured.

RU Route (map): 

From Bowles Drive - 
The RU route will be detoured along Manning Drive, left on Fordham Boulevard, right on Raleigh Road exit to Raleigh Road to South Road to resume normal route. 

Missed stops: Ridge Road at Ehringhaus Dorm and Ridge Road at Stadium Drive. 
Alternate stops: Manning Drive at Hinton James and South Road at Country Club Road.



Campus Reverse Shuttle / Law School


    Family Medicine Center South Rd at Raleigh St Cameron Ave at Columbia St Manning Dr at Hospital Parking Deck Family Medicine Center
     7:00a  7:08a  7:14a  7:18a  7:22a
     7:15a  7:23a  7:29a  7:33a  7:37a
     7:30a  7:38a  7:44a  7:48a  7:52a
     7:40a  7:48a  7:54a  7:58a  8:02a
     7:50a  7:58a  8:04a  8:08a  8:12a
     8:00a  8:08a  8:14a  8:18a  8:22a
     8:10a  8:18a  8:24a  8:28a  8:32a
     8:20a  8:28a  8:34a  8:38a  8:42a
     8:30a  8:38a  8:44a  8:48a  8:52a
     8:40a  8:48a  8:54a  8:58a  9:02a
     8:50a  8:58a  9:04a  9:08a  9:12a
     9:00a  9:08a  9:14a  9:18a  9:22a
     9:10a  9:18a  9:24a  9:28a  9:32a
     9:20a  9:28a  9:34a  9:38a  9:42a
     9:30a  9:38a  9:44a  9:48a  9:52a
     9:40a  9:48a  9:54a  9:58a 10:02a
     9:50a  9:58a 10:04a 10:08a 10:12a*
    10:00a 10:08a 10:14a 10:18a 10:22a
    10:15a 10:23a 10:29a 10:33a 10:37a
    10:30a 10:38a 10:44a 10:48a 10:52a
    10:45a 10:53a 10:59a 11:03a 11:07a
    11:00a 11:08a 11:14a 11:18a 11:22a
    11:15a 11:23a 11:29a 11:33a 11:37a
    11:30a 11:38a 11:44a 11:48a 11:52a
    11:45a 11:53a 11:59a 12:03p 12:07p
    12:00p 12:08p 12:14p 12:18p 12:22p
    12:15p 12:23p 12:29p 12:33p 12:37p
    12:30p 12:38p 12:44p 12:48p 12:52p
    12:45p 12:53p 12:59p  1:03p  1:07p
     1:00p  1:08p  1:14p  1:18p  1:22p
     1:15p  1:23p  1:29p  1:33p  1:37p
     1:30p  1:38p  1:44p  1:48p  1:52p
     1:45p  1:53p  1:59p  2:03p  2:07p
     2:00p  2:08p  2:14p  2:18p  2:22p
     2:15p  2:23p  2:29p  2:33p  2:37p
     2:30p  2:38p  2:44p  2:48p  2:52p
     2:45p  2:53p  2:59p  3:03p  3:07p
     3:00p  3:08p  3:14p  3:18p  3:22p
     3:10p  3:18p  3:24p  3:28p  3:32p
     3:20p  3:28p  3:34p  3:38p  3:42p
     3:30p  3:38p  3:44p  3:48p  3:52p
     3:40p  3:48p  3:54p  3:58p  4:02p
     3:50p  3:58p  4:04p  4:08p  4:12p
     4:00p  4:08p  4:14p  4:18p  4:22p
     4:10p  4:18p  4:24p  4:28p  4:32p
     4:20p  4:28p  4:34p  4:38p  4:42p
     4:30p  4:38p  4:44p  4:48p  4:52p
     4:40p  4:48p  4:54p  4:58p  5:02p
     4:50p  4:58p  5:04p  5:08p  5:12p
     5:00p  5:08p  5:14p  5:18p  5:22p
     5:10p  5:18p  5:24p  5:28p  5:32p
     5:20p  5:28p  5:34p  5:38p  5:42p
     5:30p  5:38p  5:44p  5:48p  5:52p
     5:40p  5:48p  5:54p  5:58p  6:02p
     5:50p  5:58p  6:04p  6:08p  6:12p
     6:00p  6:08p  6:14p  6:18p  6:22p
     6:10p  6:18p  6:24p  6:28p  6:32p
     6:20p  6:28p  6:34p  6:38p  6:42p
     6:30p  6:38p  6:44p  6:48p  6:52p
     6:40p  6:48p  6:54p  6:58p  7:02p*
     6:50p  6:58p  7:04p  7:08p  7:12p
     7:00p  7:08p  7:14p  7:18p  7:22p
     7:15p  7:23p  7:29p  7:33p  7:37p
     7:30p  7:38p  7:44p  7:48p  7:52p
     7:45p  7:53p  7:59p  8:03p  8:07p*
     8:00p  8:08p  8:14p  8:18p  8:22p*


    This schedule is in effect as of August 18, 2014.

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