Town Holiday Nov. 27-28

Most municipal offices will be closed Nov. 27-28 in observance of Thanksgiving. Please view the holiday service schedule for information about changes to trash and recycling pickup and other services. More...


FCX Route


Friday Center Express 

For midday service to the Friday Center Lot, see the V Route.

Friday Center Park and Ride Manning Dr at Hospital South Rd at Fetzer gym Friday Center Park and Ride
 5:15a  5:28a  5:31a  5:40a
 5:45a  5:58a  6:01a  6:10a
 6:15a  6:28a  6:31a  6:40a
 6:45a  6:58a  7:01a  7:10a
 6:50a  7:03a  7:06a  7:15a
 6:55a  7:08a  7:11a  7:20a
 7:00a  7:13a  7:16a  7:25a
 7:05a  7:18a  7:21a  7:30a
 7:10a  7:23a  7:26a  7:35a
 7:15a  7:28a  7:31a  7:40a
 7:20a  7:33a  7:36a  7:45a
 7:25a  7:38a  7:41a  7:50a
 7:30a  7:43a  7:46a  7:55a
 7:35a  7:48a  7:51a  8:00a
 7:40a  7:53a  7:56a  8:05a
 7:45a  7:58a  8:01a  8:10a
 7:50a  8:03a  8:06a  8:15a
 7:55a  8:08a  8:11a  8:20a
 8:00a  8:13a  8:16a  8:25a
 8:05a  8:18a  8:21a  8:30a
 8:10a  8:23a  8:26a  8:35a
 8:15a  8:28a  8:31a  8:40a
 8:20a  8:33a  8:36a  8:45a
 8:25a  8:38a  8:41a  8:50a
 8:30a  8:43a  8:46a  8:55a
 8:35a  8:48a  8:51a  9:00a
 8:40a  8:53a  8:56a  9:05a
 8:45a  8:58a  9:01a*  
 8:50a  9:03a  9:06a  9:15a
 8:55a  9:08a  9:11a*  
 9:00a  9:13a  9:16a  9:25a
 9:05a  9:18a  9:21a*  
 9:10a  9:23a  9:26a  9:35a
 9:20a  9:33a  9:36a  9:45a
 9:30a  9:43a  9:46a  9:55a
10:00a 10:13a 10:16a*  
   1:55p  1:58p  2:07p
 2:12p  2:25p  2:28p  2:37p
 2:42p  2:55p  2:58p  3:07p
   3:05p  3:08p  3:17p
   3:15p  3:18p  3:27p
 3:12p  3:25p  3:28p  3:37p
 3:22p  3:35p  3:38p  3:47p
 3:32p  3:45p  3:48p  3:57p
 3:42p  3:55p  3:58p  4:07p
 3:52p  4:05p  4:08p  4:17p
 4:02p  4:15p  4:18p  4:27p
 4:12p  4:25p  4:28p  4:37p
 4:22p  4:35p  4:38p  4:47p
 4:32p  4:45p  4:48p  4:57p
 4:42p  4:55p  4:58p  5:07p
 4:52p  5:05p  5:08p  5:17p
 5:02p  5:15p  5:18p  5:27p
 5:12p  5:25p  5:28p  5:37p
 5:22p  5:35p  5:38p  5:47p
 5:32p  5:45p  5:48p  5:57p
 5:42p  5:55p  5:58p  6:07p
 5:52p  6:05p  6:08p  6:17p
 6:02p  6:15p  6:18p  6:27p
 6:12p  6:25p  6:28p  6:37p
 6:22p  6:35p  6:38p  6:47p*
 6:32p  6:45p  6:48p  6:57p
 6:42p  6:55p  6:58p  7:07p
 6:57p  7:10p^  7:13p  7:22p
 7:12p  7:25p^  7:28p  7:37p
 7:27p  7:40p^  7:43p  7:52p
 7:42p  7:55p^  7:58p  8:07p*
 7:57p  8:10p^  8:13p  8:22p*

This schedule is in effect as of August 18, 2014.


^Trips will serve Hedrick Building and 54 Lot after Friday Center Lot

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