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Culbreth Road / Franklin Street / Eastowne

Smith Level Rd at BPW Club Rd #3661 NC 54 East at Kingswood Apts #3191 Manning Dr at UNC Hospitals #3239 E Franklin St at Carolina Coffee Shop #3427 E Franklin St at Estes #3259 Europa Dr at Sheraton #3110 Old Sterling Rd at Eastowne Dr #3292

           6:57a  7:07a
 6:40a  6:45a   6:53a   7:00a  7:06a  7:17a  7:27a
 7:10a  7:15a  7:23a  7:30a  7:36a  7:47a  7:57a
 7:30a  7:35a  7:43a  7:50a  7:56a  8:07a  8:17a
 7:40a  7:45a
 7:53a  8:00a  8:06a  8:17a  8:27a
 7:50a  7:55a  8:03a  8:10a  8:16a  8:27a  8:37a
 8:10a  8:15a  8:23a  8:30a  8:36a  8:47a  8:57a
 8:40a  8:45a  8:53a  9:00a  9:06a  9:17a  9:27a
 9:00a  9:05a  9:13a  9:20a  9:26a  9:37a  9:47a
 9:20a  9:25a  9:33a  9:40a  9:46a  9:57a 10:07a
 9:40a  9:45a  9:53a 10:00a 10:06a 10:17a 10:27a
10:10a 10:15a 10:23a 10:30a 10:36a 10:47a 10:57a
10:50a 10:55a 11:03a 11:10a 11:16a 11:27a 11:37a
11:40a 11:45a 11:53a 12:00p 12:06p 12:17p 12:27p
12:20p 12:25p 12:33p 12:40p 12:46p 12:57p  1:07p
 1:10p  1:15p  1:23p  1:30p  1:36p  1:47p  1:57p
 1:50p  1:55p  2:03p  2:10p  2:16p  2:27p  2:37p
     2:23p  2:30p  2:36p  2:47p  2:57p
 2:40p  2:45p  2:53p  3:00p  3:06p  3:17p  3:27p
     3:13p  3:20p  3:26p  3:37p  3:47p
 3:20p  3:25p  3:33p  3:40p  3:46p  3:57p  4:07p
 3:40p  3:45p  3:53p  4:00p  4:06p  4:17p  4:27p
 4:10p  4:15p  4:23p  4:30p  4:36p  4:47p  4:57p
 4:30p  4:35p  4:43p  4:50p  4:56p  5:07p  5:17p
 4:50p  4:55p  5:03p  5:10p  5:16p  5:27p  5:37p
 5:10p  5:15p  5:23p  5:30p  5:36p  5:47p  5:57p
 5:40p  5:45p  5:53p  6:00p  6:06p  6:17p  6:27p
 6:00p  6:05p  6:13p  6:20p  6:26p  6:37p  6:47p
 6:20p  6:25p  6:33p  6:40p  6:46p  6:57p  7:07p
 6:40p  6:45p  6:53p  7:00p  7:06p  7:17p  7:27p

 8:05p  8:12p  8:18p  8:29p  8:29p

 9:15p  9:22p  9:28p  9:39p  9:49p*


Walden at Greenfields #3286 E Franklin St at Estes Dr #3259 E Franklin St at Varsity Theater #3439 Manning Dr at UNCH Parking Deck #3238 US 15-501 at Culbreth Rd #3189  Smith Level Rd at BPW Club Rd #3661
 6:31a   6:40a  6:47a  6:55a  6:59a  7:05a
 6:51a  7:00a  7:07a  7:15a  7:19a  7:25a
 7:11a  7:20a  7:27a  7:35a  7:39a  7:45a
 7:31a  7:40a  7:47a  7:55a  7:59a  8:05a
 8:01a  8:10a  8:17a  8:25a  8:29a  8:35a
 8:21a  8:30a  8:37a  8:45a  8:49a  8:55a
 8:31a  8:40a  8:47a  8:55p*    
 8:41a  8:50a  8:57a  9:05a  9:09a  9:15a
 9:01a  9:10a  9:17a  9:25a  9:29a  9:35a
 9:31a  9:40a  9:47a  9:55a  9:59a 10:05a
 9:51a 10:00a 10:07a 10:15a*    
10:11a 10:20a 10:27a 10:35a 10:39a 10:45a
10:31a 10:40a 10:47a 10:55a*    
11:01a 11:10a 11:17a 11:25a 11:29a 11:35a
11:41a 11:50a 11:57a 12:05p 12:09p 12:15p
12:31p 12:40p 12:47p 12:55p 12:59p  1:05p
 1:11p  1:20p  1:27p  1:35p  1:39p  1:45p
 2:01p  2:10p  2:17p  2:25p  2:29p  2:35p
 2:41p  2:50p  2:57p  3:05p  3:09p  3:15p
 3:01p  3:10p  3:17p  3:25p  3:29p  3:35p
 3:31p  3:40p  3:47p  3:55p  3:59p  4:05p
 3:51p  4:00p  4:07p  4:15p  4:19p  4:25p
 4:11p  4:20p  4:27p  4:35p  4:39p  4:45p
 4:31p  4:40p  4:47p  4:55p  4:59p  5:05p
 5:01p  5:10p  5:17p  5:25p  5:29p  5:35p
 5:21p  5:30p  5:37p  5:45p  5:49p  5:55p
 5:41p  5:50p  5:57p  6:05p  6:09p  6:15p
 6:01p  6:10p  6:17p  6:25p  6:29p  6:35p
 6:31p  6:40p  6:47p*      
 6:51p  7:00p  7:07p*      
 7:11p  7:20p  7:27p*      
 7:31p  7:40p  7:47p  8:03p    
 8:43p  8:52p  8:59p  9:15p


This schedule is in effect as of August 14, 2017.

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