CCX Route



Chatham County Park & Ride Lot Manning Drive at UNC Hospitals Parking Deck South Rd at Studen Union Chatham County Park & Ride Lot
6:00a 6:12a 6:21a 6:39a
6:15a 6:27a 6:36a 6:54a
6:30a 6:42a 6:51a 7:09a
6:45a 6:57a 7:06a 7:24a
7:00a 7:12a 7:21a 7:39a
7:15a 7:27a 7:36a 7:54a
7:30a 7:42a 7:51a 8:09a
7:45a 7:57a 8:06a 8:24a
8:00a 8:12a 8:21a 8:39a
8:15a 8:27a 8:36a 8:54a
8:30a 8:42a 8:51a*  
8:45a 8:57a 9:06a*  
9:00a 9:12a 9:21a 9:39a
9:40a 9:52a 10:01p 10:19p
10:20a 10:32a 10:41a 10:59a
11:00a 11:12a 11:21a  11:39a 
11:40a  11:52a 12:21p 12:19p 



Chatham County Park & Ride Lot South Road at Fetzer Gym Manning Drive at UNC Hospitals Chatham County Park & Ride Lot
12:20p 12:36p 12:45p 12:58p
1:00p 1:16p 1:25p 1:38p
1:40p 1:56p 2:05p 2:18p
2:20p 2:36p 2:45p 2:58p
3:00p 3:16p 3:25p 3:38p
3:15p 3:31p 3:40p 3:53p
3:30p 3:46p 3:55p 4:08p
3:45p 4:01p 4:10p 4:23p
4:00p 4:16p 4:25p 4:38p
4:15p 4:31p 4:40p 4:53p
4:30p 4:46p 4:55p 5:08p
4:45p 5:01p 5:10p 5:23p
5:00p 5:16p 5:25p 5:38p
5:15p 5:31p 5:40p 5:53p
5:30p 5:46p 5:55p 6:08p*
5:45p 6:01p 6:10p 6:23p*
6:00p 6:16p 6:25p 6:38p
6:40p 6:56p 7:05p 7:18p
7:20p 7:36p 7:45p 7:58p*


This schedule is in effect as of August 18, 2014

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