Passenger and Resident Survey


In May of 2010, Chapel Hill Transit (CHT), with the assistance of market research firm ETC Institute, conducted a community resident survey and an on-board passenger survey about CHT services. Results from the surveys will assist CHT in planning for future transit service for the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Passengers were asked to rate several aspects of CHT service, and to describe their use of the bus, e.g., where they were going, how they got to the bus stop, and how often they ride the bus. Residents were asked about issues such as their interest in using CHT, their perception of the quality of CHT service, and how supportive they are of funding CHT services.

The surveys found that overall satisfaction with CHT is high. Of the riders surveyed, 88 percent rated the overall quality of CHT service as excellent or good, while 86 percent of Chapel Hill and Carrboro residents consider the adequacy of public transportation in Chapel Hill/Carrboro to be excellent or good. In a nationwide survey conducted by ETC Institute in 2010, only 43 percent of Americans had positive ratings about the adequacy of public transportation services in their communities.

The complete results of the 2010 CHT passenger and resident surveys are provided below:

2010 CHT Passenger and Resident Survey Final Report

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Title Page & Table of Contents 
Executive Summary
Part I: Resident Survey Report 
Part II: Passenger Survey Report 
Appendix A: Crosstabulations for Resident Survey Data
Appendix B: Crosstabulations for Passenger Survey Data
Appendix C: Resident Survey GIS Maps by Zip Code
Appendix D: Resident Survey GIS Maps by Census Block Group

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