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Downtown Work Plan

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The Downtown Work Plan includes distinct projects underway as part of the Downtown 2020 Strategy. These projects commit staff time and resources to transform ideas into action through specific land use planning initiatives and infrastructure improvements. The Work Plan is organized by the Downtown 2020 Strategy categories of Development Patterns, Access, Variety, Public Realm and Economic Development. 

 Want to know what's next in the Downtown Work Plan? Check out  the FY19-20 Work Plan Update!
Work plan Category Work Plan Initiative  Projects in Progress  Project Status 
Development Patterns 1. Create additional guidelines and regulations for Rosemary Street regarding commercial development and land use that are consistent with the vision statement of the Northside Neighborhood Conservation District West Rosemary Street Development Guide Implementation
  2. Work collaboratively with the University to develop a policy for developing and continuously assessing future student housing development both on and off campus that prioritizes student safety and protects the historic neighborhoods that surround the University. Land Use and Management Ordinance (LUMO) re-write In Progress
  3. Create Design Guidelines for Downtown that address gradient of development and standards for infill and courtyard development. Land Use and Management Ordinance (LUMO) re-write In Progress 
 Access 1. Conduct a holistic study of Downtown parking and circulation that informs decision making about street infrastructure. Streets and Sidewalks Study In Progress 
  2. Identify alternative models for parking management and metering. Parking improvements Ongoing
  3. Increase lighting in alleyways Alleyway improvements Construction design development 
  4. Restripe Franklin and Rosemary Streets in accordance with the Downtown Parking and Circulation Study.  Streets and Sidewalks Study  In Progress 
  5. Construct improvements to pedestrian crossings and other traffic calming measures. 

-Rosemary Street streetscape

-Art crosswalks

-Audible signals


In progress

Under consideration

  6. Consider moving bus transfer stops away from Colombia Street. 

-Reroute Rosemary Street buses

-BRT planning

In progress
 Variety 1. Increase exploration on informal and formal pathways with creative pedestrian level wayfinding signage Alleyway signage experiments Evaluation
  2. Recruit artistic programming and small events to increase vibrancy and year round activity.  Downtown events Ongoing
Public Realm 1. Research, test and evaluate ideas for activating public realm and green space (ITS Plaza, 140 West Plaza, etc). 

-Chapel Hill Tire Mini Park

-140 West Experiment

-Street tree educational materials 

-Tactical urbanism projects



In progress

In progress

  2. Reduce regulatory barriers to sidewalk dining and support façade improvements that activate and beautify the street.  Sidewalk dining improvements  In progress
  3. Evaluate and remove excess hardware from sitting areas between the street and sidewalk.  Seasonal Cleaning Initiative
  4. Consider removal of regulatory barriers to small business and entrepreneurial start-up activity. 

-Sidewalk dining process improvements

-Pop up market process improvements

-Permit Center improvements

-Development Review Process improvements

-Food Truck process assessment

In progress 
Economic Development  1. Identify co-working and Stage II space for companies.  Co-working site identification and implementation Site negotiation / renovation 
  2. Increase the economics of Downtown through strategic drivers Target, Current at Carolina Square Construction complete 


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