West Rosemary Street Development Guide

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Council Approval

Council approved the West Rosemary Street Development Guide at their May 22, 2017 meeting. A final draft of the Guide can be found here.

Approval Steps

May 22nd, 2017 Council Business Meeting

Council Business Meeting (Town Hall Council Chambers, 7:00pm)

May 18, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting

Planning Commission (Town Hall Council Chambers, 7:00pm)

On April 4, 2017, the Planning Commission recommended that the Council adopt the West Rosemary Street Development Guide with a strong value statement at the beginning of the Guide that states the community’s priorities for the corridor and the desire for innovative development as well as a list of specific “dos” and “don’ts” that summarize some of the strongest  community priorities for the Guide.  This content will be reviewed at EmPOWERment Inc.’s Community Outreach meeting and returned to the Planning Commission for review.

Previous Drafts and Materials

Early May, 2017 Draft:

Previous Draft

Background and Public Process Information


February 20, 2017 Community Meeting

On February 20, the Town hosted two community meetings at the Hargraves Community Center and the Northside Elementary School.  Please see below for content from the meeting.

  • Presentation (February 20, 2017 Slide Deck from Stan Harvey, Principal, Lord Aeck Sargent)


First Community Meeting Report

January 23, 2017 Community Meeting

On January 23, the Town hosted two community meetings at the Hargraves Community Center.  Over 100 people came to the community meetings on 1/23 and over 60 people were present the second day (1/24) for focused stakeholder meetings.  Please see below for content from the meeting and a link to an online survey where you can leave your feedback.

  • Presentation - 1/23/2017 Presentation by the Consulting Firm of Lord Aeck Sargent.
  • Survey - Please leave feedback here about ideas you have for the West Rosemary Street Corridor with regards to community benefits and development types



Project Information



Planning QuestionRosemary development

Is it possible to develop a vibrant commercial and economic development corridor along West Rosemary Street that is consistent with the Vision Statements of the Northside Neighborhood Conservation District? 

Future Use

The Guide will provide guidance for public, private and nonprofit actors to make decisions about this key Downtown corridor.  For new development, the primary method of implementation is to be a reference for staff and applicants at relevant times, for relevant projects.  The Guide will also provide a foundation for ongoing collaboration between the Town and the Northside community to address economic development and commercial development issues and opportunities, and provide guidance to Town staff, Town Advisory Boards/Commissions, and project applicants on expectations for the future economic growth of the area.  


Related Information

View the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the project and Scope of Work

For questions or more information regarding this project please contact:

Rae Buckley
Assistant to the Manager for Organizational and Strategic Initiatives

(919) 969-5007



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