Alleyway Improvement Project

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Project Overview 

A key project in the Downtown 2020 Work Plan is to improve Access and Variety in the Downtown. Our project goal is to design improvements for downtown pedestrian alleyways that will address safety concerns, provide opportunities for place-making and expand wayfinding accommodations using both traditional and experimental techniques. Improvements will come in two phases:

  1. Amber Alley electrical trenching, concrete repairs and temporary signage; and
  2. Post Office Alley and Varsity Alley renovations including new public art, amenities and lighting.

Amber Alley Current Status

Amber Alley trenching and signage were completed in December, 2017. The trenching connected new lighting in the alley to Town-supplied power from the Wallace Deck and the signage directs pedestrians from the Wallace Deck to Franklin Street and back through Amber Alley. Concrete repairs were also performed to fix cracked areas in the North Alley.

The signage and lighting improvement are part of the Town's continuing efforts to experiment with new ways of adding wayfinding, vibrancy, lighting and amenities to the Downtown. The Town welcomes your input which can be sent to

171229_Alley_Repairs_01  171212_Amber_Alley_05

Trenching was completed and art signs installed in December, 2017. The art signs were created by local Garner artist Frank Kreacic and come alive when viewed with 3D glasses.

Post Office and Varsity Alleys Current Status

The Town is working with local landscape architecture firm Swanson & Associates to develop detailed drawings of the current alleyways to provide a general contractor when construction begins. Construction is anticipated to be in late spring or early summer, 2018.

Click here for February, 2018 draft of the proposed Post Office Alley renovations.

Click here for a pdf of the report of current conditions and design opportunities for the Post Office and Varsity Alley from March, 2017.

Public Meetings

Public input meetings were held in the fall of 2016 and early winter 2017. Residents were invited to provide feedback on different design ideas. This input is being incorporated into the design drawings.


Post Office and Amber Alleys as they exist today.

This project is sponsored by the Town and is supported by the professional firm of Swanson + Associates, P.A. For more information, contact Sarah Poulton ( or 919-969-5009) or David Swanson (


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