WINTER WEATHER ALERT. The Town’s public-facing facilities are closed on Thursday. Trash collection canceled while crews work on storm clean-up. Transit service suspended until further notice. Council meeting canceled. Call-in available at 919-969-5005 btw 9 am and 7 pm Thursday for non-emergency issues related to storm. More at

Street Maintenance

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Please report potholes to the Public Works Department at 919-969-5100 or After hours, please report any major pavement failure to the Police Department at 919-968-2760.

Sidewalk Maintenance

The Public Works Department constructs, maintains, and repairs sidewalks. Requests for new sidewalks are considered as a part of the Town Council’s budget development process. For additional information about future sidewalk maintenance and repair, please call the Public Works Department at 919-969-5100 or email

Sidewalk Planning

More than 120 locations in Chapel Hill are currently identified for future sidewalk construction. The Planning and Sustainability Department maintains the sidewalk priority list for construction as funding permits. Ranking is based on the street type/location, proximity to schools, transit stops, nearby amenities and land uses. For more information, contact


If you own property on an unpaved street maintained by the Town, you can petition to have the street paved with assessments to benefiting property owners. For additional information, please call the Engineering Department at 919-969-5084

Street Cuts

For information about street cut policies and fees, please click here or call 919.969.5165

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