Snow Plowing and Road Treatments FAQs

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  • When will my street be plowed?

  • What are important factors to be considered when deciding whether to close or delay openings of public schools?

  • What do I do in an emergency?

  • When are salt and sand used on streets?

  • Who is responsible for clearing driveway aprons?

  • Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks after a winter weather event?

  • What is the process for clearing snow/ice from school properties? And school bus routes?

  • What is the process for clearing snow/ice from Chapel Hill streets?

  • What should residents do to prepare for a winter storm?

  • How can residents stay informed during/after a winter storm?

  • How are streets pre-treated before a winter storm?

Photos from Winter Storm Remus (February, 2015)

Information Materials

Stay Informed in An Emergency
During an emergency event, information will be updated on the Town's website at To sign up for emailed news notices from the Town of Chapel Hill, send an email to or visit For more safety information, visit, and download the ReadyNC app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. On Twitter follow @OCNCEmergency@ChapelHillGov, @ChapelHillFD and @ChapelHillPD.

Have you signed up for OC Alerts?

Listen to the weather forecast and buy food supplies prior to the anticipated snowfall. When snow begins to fall, park your car in your driveway off of the street. This not only protects your car from snow removal chemicals, but also expedites the snow removal process. If you must drive, equip your car with snow tires or chains. This will reduce the risk of having an accident, which not only could result in injury to you or another, but ties up traffic and hinders snow removal.

• Leave your car at home if at all possible. Every car at home will mean one less vehicle to be stranded and left in the way of snow removal equipment. Relax. Enjoy the snow. Avoid the stress of driving by catching a bus, a cab, riding with a friend, trying cross-country skiing, or walking. Again, if you can avoid it, please don’t drive until the streets are passable.

• Check the Town’s website: It is updated often during major weather events.

• Listen to the radio. The Town provides information about changes to bus schedules and current street conditions. The local news media usually stay on top of the situation and stay in close communication with us.

Emergency Issues
To report emergency issues, call 911. These issues may be rising waters, fallen trees or other public safety needs.

Town Response to Winter Storm Jonas (January 2016)

A ~27,000-pound truck loaded with a
salt/sand mixture and a plow on its first
pass over an ice-covered road.
(January, 2016)     

A more than 31,000-pound motor grader
still leaves some ice behind.
(January, 2016)


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