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From mid-October through mid-February, the Town of Chapel Hill will collect and haul away leaves placed behind the curb in piles in front of residences within Town limits. We can also deliver leaf mulch. Please call 919-969-5100 for assistance. 

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  For other leaf collection options,  please refer to our Yard Waste collection page, here.



Protocols to Ensure Collection

  • Loose leaves piles must be placed behind the curb.  
  • Do not place your leaves in the street where they may interfere with traffic or drainage.  
  • Do not block sidewalks, fire hydrants or cover water meters.
  • No brush, limbs or debris are allowed in leaf piles.
  • Rake your leaves as early in the season as practical.


Scheduling Information

  •  Leaves will be collected in your neighborhood at least once before Thanksgiving.
  • The exact schedule will depend on the weather and the volume of leaves to be collected.
  •  Not everyone will get a leaf pick up during Thanksgiving week or during Christmas week.
  • Collection is not on a weekly schedule, but you can check when crews will be in your area on the leaf map.
  • The exact end date of collection will be announced on the website towards the end of the season.
  • The Town is divided into 8 sections for leaf collection. Find your section on the interactive leaf map.
  • Leaf collection moves sequentially through the sections and crews only move to the next section when the current section is complete.
  • Completion of collection in each section can take days or weeks, depending on volume.


Alternate Options for Leaf Disposal


End of Season Data

Click here to see past start dates, completion dates, number of loads collected, and the differences from year to year.


We cannot collect any leaves in plastic bags.


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