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The 2012 Community Art Project: Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal InstallationIn the spring of 2012 Chapel Hill artist Jan-Ru Wan worked with area seniors at the Robert and Pearl Seymour Senior Center to create a collective art installation using repurposed clothes entitled Up Close and Personal.  Wan led the seniors in activities such as sewing, stitching and screen printing on items of their personal clothing to depict stories and memories.  The finished installation references the shape of a garment and contains 180 individual panels, each composed of altered fragments of old clothing. Measuring thirteen feet wide and fifteen feet tall, the installation now hangs in the Senior Center in Chapel Hill and was dedicated on May 23rd, 2012. 
Up Close and Personal sewing2
Two "ReFashion Shows" featuring the artists modelling outfits they made during the course of the project were held to celebrate the creative reuse of old garments, the first at the Senior Center and the second at University Place.

ReFashion Show

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