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The 2011 Community Art Project: Dream Acts

Dream ActsDream Acts is an environmental assemblage of video, photography and objects that seeks to share the creative energy of the residents of Abbey Court, while exploring the boundaries real and imagined that shape perceptions of and interactions with an environment and community. 

The artist team of Eleanor Blake, Lincoln Hancock, and Neill Prewitt worked in the Abbey Court apartment complex, located in Carrboro on Jones Ferry Road. The artists worked directly with the residents to create a cooperative project that celebrates and explores the community. 

This spring at the community celebration of Thingyan, the Burmese New Year Water Festival, the artists operated a fantasy photo booth to create portraits where families and friends could select a digital background of an imaginary environment of their choice. The artists co-created videos with residents on monitors during the festival, and held classes where residents learned to use video cameras to record and share aspects of their lives at Abbey Court. The artists also participated in after-school programs for youth, and attended soccer matches and other community events during the winter and spring of 2011.

The project culminated in an exhibition at 523 East Franklin Street held in June and July of 2011 that was an environmental installation of sculptural and found objects, soundscapes, and multi-channel video projections that combine elements of celebration and a portrait of life in the community.

Into the Streets is a yearly advertised commission sponsored by the Town of Chapel Hill's Public and Cultural Arts Office and the Public Arts Commission, and is founded with the intention of placing artists within a specific proposed community. The project aims to foster connections between people from within and outside the specific community.

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