Handicap Parking Guidelines

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Handicap Parking at Meters - Handicap Placard Holders will be required to pay at meters. 

Handicapped Parking signs designate parking spaces reserved for vehicles displaying a valid, properly displayed handicap plate or hanging placard.  Handicap plates and placards are issued through the NC Division of Motor Vehicles and are not issued by the Town.  For more information, visit http://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/vehicle/plates/handicapped/ or call (919) 715-7000.

Drivers with disabilities who have a valid handicapped plate and/ or placard may park in a handicap space or any other regular metered space but must observe the same parking rules and procedures that apply to non-disabled drivers with one exception: Patrons displaying a valid Handicap Placard have the option to pay for unlimited parking.  Town of Chapel Hill multi-space meters are equipped with a "handicap button" that will allow patrons to purchase time beyond the maximum time limit indicated for the meter zone if needed.  

Instructions for using meters when displaying handicap permit

Handicap Parking at Off-Street Locations

The Town of Chapel Hill offers a discounted rate for those displaying a valid Handicap Placard at the Wallace Deck and the Rosemary/Columbia Street Lot.  Patrons displaying a valid Handicapped placard are eligible for a  50% discount at the Wallace Deck and Rosemary/Columbia Street Lot. This rate is valid for up to 8 hours in the Wallace Deck and 4 hours Rosemary/Columbia Lot ,  and does not include the peak time charge (the $2 charge that applies to parking before 10:00 am until after 2:00 pm). 

Regular rates apply for patrons parking (9) or more hours in the Wallace Deck and (5) or more hours in the Rosemary/Columbia Lot. 

Patrons displaying a valid Handicap Placard at all other Off-Street locations will have the option to pay for parking by the hour or all day just as with the On-Street meters.   The multi-space meters are equipped with a handicap button that will allow patrons displaying to purchase time beyond the maximum time limit indicated for the lot.  

Locations of Metered Handicap Spaces:

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