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 Judy Johnson
or 919-969-5078

The Rogers Road - Eubanks Road Neighborhood (RENA), a community that straddles Chapel Hill and Carrboro, housed the Orange County landfill for over 40 years. Responding to advocates for environmental justice, the landfill closed in 2013. Today, residents are getting ready for new sewer service and to create a master plan for their area. 

We have completed sewer system design and hired a construction contractor. Sewer construction is anticipated to begin in July/August 2017 and may last up to 10 to 12 months. In December, 2016, the governments of Orange County, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill authorized the expenditure of funding for the construction of the 3.5 miles of sewer.   

The governments of Orange County, and the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, are collaborating on the effort, which is supported by the residents and several community partners.  Success fulfilling promised amenities for the neighborhood was made in November 2014 when the Rogers Road Community Center opened. In May 2016, Rogers Road: Mapping our Community's Future, was released. This report is a compilation of an intensive 9 month planning effort with community stakeholders to create a shared vision for the Rogers Road neighborhood.




Dear Resident or Property Owner: November 17, 2017

The contractor for the Historic Rogers Road Area sewer installation began work in late September. We estimate that the work will be complete in the summer of 2018, but weather and other conditions may affect the contractor's progress. The sewer that has been installed, to date, is shown in red on the map on the back.

Order of work: Please see the map below.Over the next month, the contractor will be continuing to work in the areas (shown in blue) near Merin Road, Eubanks Road, and south of Tallyho Trail. The map lists the expected dates of the future phases of work, and these dates will be updated as work progresses. Please be aware that our estimates of when the contractor will work in a given area are subject to change due to weather, etc.

How the work may affect you:

  • In some locations, the contractor will work in "easements" in off-street areas. A sewer easement is an area on private land where OWASA has the right to make improvements; do repairs, maintenance and inspections; and maintain clear access. The easement means there are some restrictions on how a landowner can use land covered by an easement.
  • If sewer pipes will be installed on your property, Orange County has acquired an easement from you.
  • When the contractor works in the street right-of-way, traffic may be limited to one lane near the work area. We will maintain access for emergency and service vehicles at all times.
  • If the contractor must block access to your driveway to install a sewer, the contractor will notify you in advance.
  • There will be noise, dust and mud. The contractor's normal work hours will be 7 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • If it is necessary to interrupt any utility services, we will notify you in advance if the interruption is planned. If the interruption is not planned, we will work with the utilities involved to restore service as soon as possible.

We know this sewer project has been a long time coming, and we look forward to its completion and the opportunity to provide public sewer service to you. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about this sewer project, please contact us at the numbers or emails below.

Allison M. Reinert, P.E., OWASA,919-537-4229 or areinert@owasa.org

Judy Johnson, Town of Chapel Hill, 919-969-5078 or jjohnson@townofchapelhill.org





Meetings and News

Reports and Background




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