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Glen Lennox Development Agreement

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On June 23, 2014, the Town Council approved the Glen Lennox Development Agreement.

Glen Lennox is an existing mixed use development located on Raleigh Road and Fordham Blvd that plans to redevelop. The Glen Lennox Development Agreement will govern and regulate development on the Glen Lennox site.

Glen Lennox Sign

Glen Lennox Development Agreement

A copy of the recorded document can be found here (click here)

 Glen Lennox Development Agreement Annual Report for 2016-2017

Development Agreement Minor Modification Request #1 (2017)

On April 27, 2017, Grubb Properties applied for a minor modification to the Development Agreement. The modification requested to authorize administrative review of all subdivision requests that are not inconsistent with the Development Agreement. The Development Agreement authorizes administrative review of development applications; however, the review process for the subdivision of property is not explicitly noted.

On June 28, 2017, the Town Manager approved the Minor Modification, which is memorialized as Minor Modification 2017-1. The minor modification is provided at the following link: Glen Lennox Minor Modification Request 17-1 APPROVAL

Glen Lennox Phase 1 Plans

Plans for a 215 unit apartment building are currently being reviewed. This project will encroach into the Resource Conservation District to allow drainage improvements to an existing headwall and stormwater outfall. The application and plans may be viewed at the Town of Chapel Hill Planning & Sustainability office or by contacting the Town planner at the contact information provided above.

The site plan overview currently under review is provided at the following link (please note these plans have not been approved): Glen Lennox Phase 1 Site Plan Overview. Please contact Town staff to view additional plans.

Annual Compliance Reports

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