11 Sixty 5 Weaver Dairy Road

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Office and Retail Development

Special Use Permit & Rezoning 

Applicant Name: Coulter Jewell Thames, PA on behalf of Comprop LLC

Description: The application proposes to construct a three-story office building that also includes medical clinic space and ground floor retail on a 1.8 acre lot. The building would face Weaver Dairy Road and would be attached to a three-level parking deck to the rear of the building. The application includes streetscape improvements along Weaver Dairy Road, a landscaped pedestrian plaza in front of the building, and stormwater control measures.

Additional Information: The application also proposes to provide vehicular cross-access to the Weaver Crossing Development to the east, and proposes to locate the refuse area and loading dock to the rear of the site and to the rear of the Weaver Crossing Development. Stormwater is proposed to be treated and detained in a filtration and detention system located below the surface of the parking deck. Portions of the parking deck that are visible from adjoining properties and streets are proposed to include architectural treatment that reflects the proposed elevations of the office building.

Floor Area: 48,624 square feet of floor area
Parking: 225 parking spaces, 220 of the spaces are within the parking deck.
Project # 17-112
Property Identification Nos. PINs9799-24-5967 and 9799-24-2361
Zoning-existing: Mixed Use Office Institutional - 1 (MU-OI-1)
Zoning-proposed: Office/Institutional-3 (OI-3)
Previous Applications:  This application and proposed development is different from the previously submitted, and inactive Zoning Atlas Amendment (project 14-084) and Concept Plan for a self storage facility (15-037). For additional information on those applications, please see below.


Review Schedule 
Project #   Event  Date  Location and Time
 16-081  Concept Plan Application Submitted  07-26-2016   NA
16-081 Community Design Commission Review  09-27-2016   6:30pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber 
16-081  Town Council Review  10-17-2016  7:00pm at Town Hall, Council Chamber



Special Use Permit / Zoning Atlas Amendment Application Submitted                                                                           11-29-2017                                               N/A
17-112 Public Information Meeting 02-01-2017 5:15pm at Town Hall, First Floor Conference Room 


Special Use Permit Application 1-25-2018

Special Use Permit Application

 Statement of Justification

Site Plan

Special Use Permit Application 11-29-2017

Zoning Atlas Amendment Application 11-29-2017

 Concept Plan Review 7-26-16



Concept Plan (2015 Application) for Self Storage Facility:

Project # Event Date Location and Time Or Note
15-037 Concept Plan Application Submitted 9-22-15 This application included conditioned self-storage as a primary use.
15-037 Community Design Commission Review of Concept Plan 10-27-15 6:30PM Town Hall, Council Chamber
15-037 Town Council Review of Concept Plan 11-16-15 7:00PM Town Hall, Council Chamber


Concept Plan Application (#15-037) 9-22-15


Zoning Altas Amendment (2014 Application) NOTE: This re-zoning application is on hold. It has been continued to a future date for possible consideration. Once a future date is established for the current project (17-112), re-advertisement and re-notification of the public hearing will occur. 

A Zoning Atlas Amendment application has been submitted to the Town by Radway Design to rezone the 1.8 acre site from Mixed Use-Office/Institutional-1 (MU-OI-1) to Community Commercial-Conditional (CC-C).  An application for rezoning to a conditional use district must include submittal of a Special Use Permit application within one year of conditional approval of the rezoning.

For additional information, please contact Planning and Sustainability at (919) 969-5066.

Project # Event Date Location and Time Or Note
14-084 Zoning Atlas Amendment (ZAA) Application Submitted 1-14-14

This application was originally filed in conjunction with the Weaver Crossing approved ZAA/SUP.

14-084 Public Information Meeting 12-18-14

5:15PM Town Hall, Planning Conference Room, Third Floor

14-084 Planning Commission 1-6-15 7:00PM Town Hall, Council Chamber
14-084 Town Council Public Hearing 3-16-15 7:00PM Town Hall, Council Chamber
14-084 Town Council Public Hearing 4-27-15

At the request of the applicant, the Town Council adoptedResolution 2015-04-27/R-12 continuing the public hearing to a future date. The effect of this action was to put the re-zoning application on hold to give the applicant time to submit a concept plan and special use permit application.


Council Public Hearing (April 27, 2015)


  • Council Agenda and Business Meeting Memorandum (April 27, 2015). Resolution 12 Adopted - continuing the Zoning Atlas Amendment to a future date. When the date is established, re-notification and re-advertisement in the same manner as required for an initial hearing will occur.

Planning Commission Meeting (January 1, 2015)

Zoning Atlas Amendment Application Submittal (November 11, 2014)


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5:15pm Town Hall, Planning Conference Room, Third Floor.
5:15pm Town Hall, Planning Conference Room, Third Floor.
5:15pm Town Hall, Planning Conference Room, Third Floor.
5:15pm Town Hall, Planning Conference Room, Third Floor.
5:15pm Town Hall, Planning Conference Room, Third Floor.
5:15pm Town Hall, Planning Conference Room, Third Floor.
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