Purefoy Road Apartments

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Site Plan Review

The Town has received a Site Plan Review Application from Coulter Jewell Thames to renovate an existing one story building and add one new multi-family buildings to the 1.37 acre property. The revised application is currently under review by staff - for information about the review process and a comparison of the original and revised applications click here. 

 Purefoy Apartments Revised

Applicant: Coulter Jewell Thames on Behalf of Ken Gorfkle

Property Location: 111 Purefoy Rd

Project #: 16-106

Property ID's: Orange County PIN 9788-41-9609

Proposed Floor Area: 2,470 (existing), 10,087 (proposed new), 12,557 (total) 

Proposed Units: 5

Zoning: Residential - 4 (R-4)



 Review Schedule: 

Event Date Location and Time or Note
Application Submitted 10-12-2016  NA
Public Information Meeting 11-16-2016 First Floor Conference Room, Town Hall
Revised Application Submitted   5-26-2017  NA
Public Information Meeting 6-29-17  First Floor Conference Room, Town Hall - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Public Information Meeting  7-13-17  First Floor Conference Room, Town Hall - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Planning Commission Review TBD  The revised application is currently under review. The review is scheduled to be complete by the end of June. If additional review is not required, staff may schedule this item on a Planning Commission Agenda. The Commission meets on the first and third Thursdays of the Month. A postcard mailing notice will be delivered at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting date. 



Site Plan Review Revised Application 5-26-17

Site Plan Review Application 10-12-2016

Public Information Request 11-4-2016


Meeting dates are subject to change, please confirm that this item is on the agenda of the meeting you are planning on attending. The Town Council's agenda can be confirmed on the Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos page and Advisory Board agendas can be confirmed on the Advisory Board Agendas & Minutes page. Agendas are typically posted the Friday before the meeting.


Additional Information:

Review Process: This application was originally submitted in October of 2016 and staff completed an initial review in November. The applicant has now submitted a revised application in response to review comments, as well as feedback from the November 16 and December 15 public information meetings. The next steps for this application are listed below:

  • Staff Review – To be complete in early / mid July: As a part its review of the revised application, staff will review it for compliance with all applicable elements of Town Code, including the LUMO [Land Use Management Ordinance] and the NCD [Neighborhood Conservation District] and produce additional comments and conditions as appropriate. Once staff review is complete, the applicant may request that the application be placed on the Planning Commission’s agenda
  • Planning Commission Review - Not scheduled at this time: August 1, 2017 is the earliest likely date for this meeting. The Planning Commission meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7:00pm. A postcard mailing will be mailed at least 3 weeks in advance of the meeting.
  • Staff Report: In advance of a meeting, staff is required to prepare a report to the Planning Commission that details the applications compliance, or non-compliance, with the LUMO and present a recommendation to the Planning Commission based strictly on the application’s compliance. This report would be published at least one week in advance of the meeting.
  • Planning Commission Decision: The Planning Commission is charged with considering the report and recommendation from staff, materials and presentation from the applicant, and comments made by members of the public. The Commission would then make a decision as to the application’s compliance with the LUMO. An application of this scale may require more than one meeting before the Commission takes action.

 Comparison of Original and Revised Applications: 


Original Submittal 10/17/16

Revised Submittal 5/26/17

Number of Buildings

3 (2 new)

2 (1 new)

Number of Units



Number of Bedrooms



Total Floor Area in square feet

13,495 S.F.

12,557 S.F.

Number of Parking Spaces



Land Disturbance within lot lines in square feet (Subject to 40,000 SF limit)

Application reported 45,004 S.F.*

33,258 S.F.*

Land Disturbance within Right of Way (ROW) in square feet

Application did not report.*

5,085 S.F.*

Total Onsite + ROW Land Disturbance in square feet

Application reported 53,281 S.F.*

38,343 S.F.*

Total Impervious Surface in square feet

18,942 S.F.

20,180 S.F.

Maximum Building Height

30 feet

30 feet

Buffer widthon Southern Property Line (Adjacent to existing single family, low density residential)

10 feet

10 Feet, Setback 10 feet from property line to preserve existing bamboo (20 foot total width)

Landscape Buffer Planting Density /Number of Buffer Plantings on Southern Property Line

Type B: 13 large trees, 23 small trees, 29 shrubs

Type B: 13 large trees, 23 small trees, 29 shrubs

Closest portion of new building to South Property Line

83 feet

83 feet

Closest portion of parking lot to South Property Line

10 feet

33 feet

Trees Removed / Preserved

19 removed / 31 Preserved

15 removed / 35 preserved (including 48” bald Cyprus near south property line)

Stormwater Detention and Treatment

Above Ground Treatment, below ground detention.

Below Ground

 *These figures were reported incorrectly in the original application. As part of its review, staff will ensure that the revised application accounts for land disturbance according to the requirements and definition in the LUMO. 

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