Oh Snow! 

Thank you, Chapel Hill, for being patient and positive in spite of this weather! Town offices are open. Check here for Safety and Services Updates…


What We Do 

Planning and Sustainability assists the Town Council, Advisory Boards and Commissions and the community as a whole in planning for growth, administering development and building code regulations, facilitating the development review process, permitting and inspecting construction, planning for transportation improvements and promoting a sustainable future.

Code Enforcement Development  Permits and Inspections  Sustainability Transportation

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Permitting requirements for new businesses in Chapel Hill 

Code Enforcement Complaints

File a Code Enforcement Complaint regarding violations of Town Code including parking, litter, occupancy, and other issues related to private property 

Customer Service

Visit us in the Development Services Center on the first floor of Town Hall 

Design Chapel Hill 2020

Learn about and participate in planning efforts for the 2020 Focus Areas and other initiatives as we help implement the 2020 Comprehensive Plan

Development Activity

See recent development applications and approvals in Chapel Hill

Development Agreement Projects

Learn about the Development Agreement process and view proposed and approved Development Agreements

Development Application Forms

For larger projects requiring Advisory Board or Town Council review

Ephesus/Fordham Form District

Learn about Form-Based Code and its role in renewal of the Ephesus/Fordham area

Permit Application Forms

For Building, Sub, and Zoning Permits


View regulations, zoning maps, design standards, adopted plans, and much more


140 West Construction

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