Historic District Commission Agenda & Applications

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October 10, 2017 Meeting Agenda:

1. Preliminary Meeting Information

a. Welcome from the Chair 

b. Secretary reads procedures into the record

c. Swearing in of public hearing participants

d. Roll call

e. Public charge 

2. Action Minutes

a. September 12, 2017 Minutes (attachment forthcoming).

3. Reports and Updates

a. Update on Planner II/Commission Secretary Recruitment

b. Update on SHPO grant proposal for Design Guidelines

c. Outreach Initiatives

d. Computer Availability for Commission Meetings 

4. Consent

a. 307 E Rosemary St - Addition of deer fencing above existing and approved chain link fence.

307 E Rosemary St. Application

5. New Business

 a. 3 Mint Springs Lane - Building modifications

3 Mint Springs Application Pt. 1

3 Mint Springs Application Pt. 2

 b. 521 Hooper Lane - Building modifications 

521 Hooper Ln Application

 c. 514 Senlac Road - Facade modifications.

514 Senlac Rd Application

d. 304 N Boundary Street - Addition of two windows to house. 

304 N Boundary St Application

e. 9 Cobb Terrace - Addition of satellite dish, addition to parking area, modification to fence, change parking surface from Chapel Hill gravel to gravel (AFTER THE FACT).

9 Cobb Terrace Application


6.Council Recommendation for Commission Appointments

7. Adjourn


Order of Consideration of Agenda Items:

  1. Presentation by Applicant
  2. Presentation of Additional Evidence
  3. Questions and Clarification by Commission
  4. Close the Public Hearing
  5. Discussion/Action by the Commission

Public Charge: The Historic District Commission pledges its respect to the public. The Commission asks the public to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner, both with the Commission and with fellow members of the public. Should any member of the Commission or any member of the public fail to observe this charge at any time, the Chair will ask the offending person to leave the meeting until that individual regains personal control. Should decorum fail to be restored, the Chair will recess the meeting until a genuine commitment to this public charge is observed. 


Unless otherwise noted, please contact John Richardson in the Planning & Development Services Department  for more information on the below referenced applications.
See Meeting Minutes and Videos (if recorded) for upcoming and archived events. 
See the Advisory Boards page for background information on this Town board or commission.

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