Historic District Commission Agenda & Applications

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March 13, 2018 Meeting Agenda:

6:30 Call to Order


1. Preliminary Meeting Information

a. Secretary reads procedures into the record (procedures below)

b. Swearing in of public hearing participants

c. Roll call

d. Public charge 

2. Action Minutes

a. February 13 Draft Action Minutes

3. Reports and Updates

a. Update on Outreach Initiatives

b. Update on SHPO grant proposal for Design Guidelines; and Project to Complete Surveys of Chapel Hill local Historic Districts 

4. Consent

a. 214 W Cameron Avenue - Bell Leadership Institute (Modification to COA)

214 W Cameron Avenue (COA Application - modification to previous approval)

For background, see previously approved 2015 COA application materials:

214 W Cameron Avenue (COA Application)
214 W Cameron Avenue (Elevations)
214 WE Cameron Avenue (Lighting Fixtures)

Note: For this project, the HDC acts as the design review board and also issues a certificate of appropriateness for building elevations and lighting fixtures

5. Old Business

a. 229 E Franklin Street - Lambda Chi Alpha

229 E Franklin St (COA Application) 

Note: In response to Commission questions at the February meeting, staff will present additional information at the March meeting.

b.  517 E Franklin Street

517 E Franklin St (Original COA Application)
517 E Franklin St (Supplement to Application)*

*Supplement provided by applicant based on Commission's feedback at February meeting

c. 179 E Franklin Street - Post Office Alley - POSTPONED TO APRIL 10, 2018 MEETING

d. 127 Mallette Street (after-the-fact COA) - POSTPONED TO APRIL 10, 2018 MEETING

6. New Business

a.  309 E Rosemary Street - Holy Trinity Church

309 E Rosemary Street (COA Application - Part 1)
309 E Rosemary Street (COA Application - Part 2)

b.  6 Briarbridge Lane 

6 Briarbridge Lane (COA Application)

c.  704 E Franklin Street (after-the-fact COA)

704 E Franklin Street (COA Application - Part 1)
704 E Franklin Street (COA Applicatoin - Part 2)
704 E Franklin Street (COA Application - Part 3)

d.  Discussion of Council-proposed text amendment to change the vote required for the Planning Commission, Community
     Design Commission and Historic District Commission to make decisions on applications 

Council Resolution (2017-11-15/R-3)

7. Staff Reports

           a.  216 W University Administrative Approval

b.  Other updates and information from the Staff Liaison   

8. Courtesy Review

a. None

9. Adjourn


Other Information:

Next meeting of the Historic District Commission: April 10, 2018

More about the Town's Historic districts: please click here.

To view previous Historic District Commission Agendas: please click here and scroll down to find Commission meetings.

Order of Consideration of Agenda Items:

  1. Presentation by Applicant
  2. Presentation of Additional Evidence
  3. Questions and Clarification by Commission
  4. Close the Public Hearing
  5. Discussion/Action by the Commission

Public Charge:
 The Historic District Commission pledges its respect to the public. The Commission asks the public to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner, both with the Commission and with fellow members of the public. Should any member of the Commission or any member of the public fail to observe this charge at any time, the Chair will ask the offending person to leave the meeting until that individual regains personal control. Should decorum fail to be restored, the Chair will recess the meeting until a genuine commitment to this public charge is observed. 

Rules of Procedure Entered into the Record:  The Historic District Commission operates under NC General Statutes 160A-400 which gives local governments historic presevation authority, and the Chapel Hill Land Use Management Ordinance, including Article 3 which established the local historic districts and sets forth regulations governing them, and the Chapel Hill Historic District Guidelines Handbook which sets forth guidelines for changes in the historic districts, and the Rules of Procedure adopted by the Chapel Hill Historic District Commission, as well as the Significance Reports from all three historic districts and photographs. Additionally, authorized practice advisory opinion 2006-1 regarding quasi-judicial hearings on zoning and land use is in effect. All of the items noted above as well as the applications and associated materials in the agenda packet, are hereby entered into the record.

Unless otherwise noted, please contact Staff Support, Julie Curry, for more information on the above referenced applications.
See Meeting Minutes and Videos (if recorded) for upcoming and archived events. 
See the Advisory Boards page for background information on this Town board or commission.

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