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Chapel Hill Community Center Gymnasium

Chapel Hill Community Center
120 South Estes Drive
Telephone:  968-2790
Hotline: 685-8316
Hours: various, please contact the center  

Northside Gymnasium

Hargraves Community Center
216 North Roberson Street
Telephone:  968-2794
Hotline: 685-1535
Hours: various, please contact the center  


Other Gymnasiums

Rashkis Gymnasium
Rashkis Elementary School
601 Meadowmont Lane
Telephone: 918-2160 x22513 (after 6 pm, Mon-Fri)

Lincoln Gymnasium
Lincoln Center
750 Merritt Mill Road
Telephone: 968-2792 (after 5 pm Mon- Fri)


Open gym time will be limited during our basketball season, November through February. Some early morning and mid-day times may be available. Please contact the gym for their current schedule.

Gymnasium Fees and Passes

Photographic identification cards can be purchased at the Northside Gym for admission. Annual cards are valid one year from purchase . Call 968-2794 (Northside Gym) for more information.

BASKETBALL OR PICKLEBALL PASS (Passes not interchangeable and are to be purchased separately)
Resident Non-Resident
Annual Pass Fee
Age 18 years and younger
Age 19 and older


20 Visit Pass
      Age 19 and older
    (No more pro-rated gym passes)
Single Admission Fee
    Age 18 years and younger
    Age 19 and older
Replacement Fee $5.00 $5.00


Facility Holiday Hours

Please contact individual locations for holiday schedules and closures.

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