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Jim Orr
Director Parks and Recreation
200 Plant Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: 919-968-2784
Fax: 919-932-2923

Public parks and recreation are the gateways to a healthier, more livable community. At Chapel Hill Parks & Recreation, we continue to expand our efforts in making a positive change in the health and wellness in Chapel Hill and Orange County.

The Town of Chapel Hill is nationally regarded for its quality of life. In addition to our parks, open green spaces, and a myriad of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, Chapel Hill Parks & Recreation offers recreational programs and cultural activities for all ages and social backgrounds.

Everyone needs the opportunity for self-enrichment, adventure, fellowship and quiet reflection. At Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation Department, we understand these needs and are dedicated to providing cultural and recreational opportunities in a safe and inviting environment.

BROWSE our program offerings and REGISTER ONLINE, or visit one of our locations to register in person for Summer Programs currently on going.
Note: Fall Program Brochure Published August 1
Registration for Residents begins August 8
, Aug. 15th for non residents

Please visit the appropriate link to CONTACT US or view the HOLIDAY SCHEDULE or FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

newLinks for features on the Cover, in the Table of Contents, and direct links on listings to WebTrac registration. Take a minute to check these out, simply click on the flyer below and browse the new brochure online.

Fall16 Cover

VIEW our Fall 2016 Program Brochure
Registration for Fall Programs Opens August 8, 2016

· Residents of Chapel Hill or Orange County  August 8 @ 8:30 a.m.

· Non-residents - August 15 @ 8:30 a.m.

Public park and recreation agencies create healthy communities and play a fundamental role in enhancing the physical environments in which we live.





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