Commonly Used Forms

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This page contains links to some of the most common forms that employees need. .  We are including them on our public website so that employees can access them at anytime from any computer.     Some of the forms  can be filled out online; others must be printed, filled out, and returned as paper copies. The Town, as part of its policy improvement project, is working on streamlining forms and making it easier to submit them online.     Please bear with us and check back regularly as we add forms and improve their functionality.     If you have any questions about any of the forms, please contact Human Resource Development  for more information.  

 LEAVE DONATION FORMS (see the Leave Donation Policy for more information)

DISCIPLINARY ACTION FORMS (see the Disciplinary Action policy for more information)

GRIEVANCE FORMS (see the Grievance Policy for more information)

DISPUTE RESOLUTION FORMS (see  the Dispute Resolution Policy for more information)

FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT REQUESTS (see the FMLA Policy for more information)

NON -FMLA MEDICAL LEAVE OF ABSENCE (for situations that do not qualify for FMLA -see the Town's Non-FMLA Medical Leave of Absence Policy for more information)

PARENTAL LEAVE (see  the Town's Parental Leave Policy for more information)



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