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Office of Housing and Community

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Town Hall 3rd Floor
405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Phone: 919-968-2728
Fax: 919-969-2014

Clark, LorynExecutive DirectorHousing and Community(919) 969-5076
Covington-Farrar, SabrinaHousing Officer IIHousing and Community(919) 969-4988
Davis, GlennSpecial Projects and Operations CoordinatorHousing and Community(919) 969-4986
French, JohnResident Services CoordinatorHousing and Community(919) 968-2760
Hargraves, SoyiniaAdministrative AssistantHousing and Community(919) 969-4984
Moye, RenéePlanner IHousing and Community(919) 968-2877
Roberts, ValerettaHousing Officer IHousing and Community(919) 969-4987
Thompson, JackieHuman Services CoordinatorHousing and Community(919) 968-2760
Vaughn, TinaPublic Housing DirectorHousing and Community(919) 969-4985
Viñas, SarahHousing and Community Planner IIHousing and Community(919) 969-5079
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