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Town Hall, 3rd Floor
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Phone: 919-969-5079
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Welcome to the neighborhood! Whether you are a new or long-term resident of a Chapel Hill neighborhood, this page provides helpful information for all!

View our complete Off-Campus Student Resource Guide.

Be sure to visit the UNC Off-Campus Student Life website which has great information for off-campus students. More information about this office can also be found below, under "Helpful Contacts."

Check out the following information for helpful hints and reminders about living off-campus:

  • Sign up for the Tar Heel Citizen Times
  • Need a ride?  Hop on the bus!
  • Parking Information
  • Trash & Recycling
  • Noise- Respect your neighbors.
  • Living Logistics- Avoid fines!
  • Tenants' Rights and Responsibilities
  • Fire & Safety
  • More Information & Helpful Contacts

If you have any questions, please contact the Chapel Hill Planning Department at 919-969-5059 or email


Tar Heel Citizen Times

Check out the UNC-CH and Town of Chapel Hill sponsored off-campus student e-newsletter!  For more information and to sign up, visit here.


Need a ride? Hop on the bus!

The Chapel Hill Transit System is free for all users and has many stops on campus.  Check out the real time bus schedules here.

Need a ride to the RDU airport? You can take a bus there from UNC's campus! For more information, visit Triangle Transit at


Parking Information

Front-yard Parking

  • For residents in the Northside and Pine Knolls Neighborhoods: A maximum of four cars is allowed on a lot (including parking on the side and back yard). Parking is only permitted in designated areas on a property (not on front-yards/grass).
    • Violators could receive an immediate $100 fine and could be fined $100 per day if the violation is not addressed.
    • Unsure if you live in Northside or Pine Knolls? Then click here for a map of the neighborhoods.
  • For residents in other neighborhoods: Be sure that your parking areas are clearly defined by an all-weather surface or gravel, and that the parking area only takes up 40% of your front yard.

Residential Parking Permits

  • Residential parking permits are needed in order to park in Chapel Hill's special parking zones, which are designated by parking signs.
  • Residential parking permits cost $25 per year, and guest and temporary permits are available.

For more information, visit

For a map of downtown parking options, visit  


Trash & Recycling

Trash Instructions

  1. Check with your landlord about your trash collection day (Mondays or Tuesdays).
  2. Roll your garbage bin to the curb by 6 am on your trash collection day.  Put all garbage and household refuse in watertight bags before placing it in trash bins.
  3. Remove your garbage bin by 7 pm on your trash collection day.  Violators will be fined $25 per day.

Furniture, appliances, and bulky items can be collected from the curb for a fee upon request. The fee is $15 for up to three items and $5 for each additional item. Call (919) 969-5100 to schedule collection prior to items being placed at the curb.

For more information, visit:

Recycling Right

 Combine paper, magazines, cartons, junk mail, plastic bottles, metal cans, aluminum foil, glass bottles and jars, etc. at the curb, in designated recycling bins, and at drop-off sites.

ATTENTION:  It is unlawful in Orange County to throw away corrugated cardboard-- it must be recycled! Curbside, boxes MUST be empty and flattened, 3’x3’ or less, and 10 pieces or less, unless they all fit inside your bins. Look for separate cardboard dumpsters at apartments and drop off sites.

For more information, visit Orange County Solid Waste Management Department 


Noise- Respect your neighbors.

The Town of Chapel Hill Code of Ordinance states that any "unreasonably loud noise, particularly during nighttime" which may interfere with neighboring residents may be charged with a violation.

This may include yelling, loud parties, sound amplification equipment, horns, vehicles without original manufacturer-provided muffler, exterior and mobile loud speakers, etc. 

Noise Permits: If you are having a party, contact the Chapel Hill Police Department at 919-968-2760 to let them know or register your party here.  Party registration is free, a citation is not.


Living Logistics- Avoid fines!

  • No more than four unrelated people can reside in a dwelling unit (for example, in a single family house or on one side of a duplex. Violators could be fined up to $100 per day for the first offense, $200 per day for the second offense within 180 days and $500 per day for a third offense within 365 days. 
  • Having more than six unrelated people in a dwelling unit is a violation of NC Fire Code and could result in a civil penalty in the amount of $500 per violation for everyday the violation continues.

Have questions? Contact the Chapel Hill Planning Department at 919-968-2728 or the Fire Department 919-968-2781.  

If you are a University student and have questions about your lease, you can contact Student Legal Services for assistance. For more information, visit:


Tenants' Rights and Responsibilities

If you are a renter, learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a renter/tenant in the document below and our complete resource guide.

To download a copy of the "Declaration of Tenants Rights and Obligations" document, click here.  

If you are a student, and you have questions about your landlord or lease, you can contact Student Legal Services. More information about Student Legal Services can be found here.


Fire & Safety Tips

Learn more about our fire & safety tips in our complete resource guide. 

For more information, check out:


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