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Affordable Rental Housing Strategy

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council_goala_place_for_everyone On March 10, 2014, the Town Council adopted the Affordable Rental Housing Strategy that was developed by the Mayor's Committee on Affordable Rental Housing.

For a copy of the approved Affordable Rental Housing Strategy, click here.

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Background: Mayor's Committee and Charge

The Mayor established a Mayor's Committee on Affordable Rental Housing that worked from May to September of 2013, to draft an Affordable Rental Housing Strategy.

For a list of the Committee members, please click here.

The Committee was established because of the interest in developing an affordable rental housing policy in response to the desire to increase the availability of affordable rental housing in the community and the increased number of development applications that include rental housing.

The Town Council was interested in an affordable rental housing policy that would:

  • Support the Affordable Housing Strategy statement of “Focus on the development of affordable rental housing for a variety of lifestyles, which includes studio units, supportive housing units, universal access units, and units for families.”
  • Consider affordable rental housing issues in the context of the full spectrum of affordable housing needs and resources that exist throughout the community.
  • Provide policy guidance to applicants, the community, and the staff regarding the Council’s interests in affordable rental housing.

The following was the charge for the Mayor's Committee:

  • Use research and data available and the expertise of the Committee to develop for Town Council consideration, short, medium and long term options, consistent with the Affordable Housing Strategy and the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan, that meet the community’s affordable rental housing needs that the Council could apply to development applications that propose rental housing; and
  • Foster collaborative conversations among the Town, the private sector, and other community stakeholders to explore possible partnerships and financial resources to increase the availability of affordable rental housing in Chapel Hill.


Mayor's Committee Meeting Materials

May 3, 2013 Committee Meeting

June 6, 2013 Committee Meeting

June 27, 2013 Committee Meeting

July 11, 2013 Committee Meeting

July 25, 2013 Committee Meeting

August 8, 2013 Committee Meeting

August 28, 2013 Committee Meeting

September 5, 2013 Committee Meeting

October 16, 2013 Council Meeting

During the October 16, 2013, Council Business Meeting, Councilmembers Sally Greene and Donna Bell presented the Committee's recommendations to the Council. For a copy of the recommendations, please click here.


Resources and Additional Materials

For additional information and resources, please see the links and documents below:


 Thank you to all who participated in this process!

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