Labor Day Town Holiday  Most municipal offices will be closed on Sept. 5. Monday residential trash routes will be collected on Wednesday, Sept. 7. Chapel Hill Public Library will be open from 1 to 5 p.m. Chapel Hill Transit will not operate. View the holiday service schedule for more information.




The primary mission of the Chapel Hill Fire Department is to protect life, property and the community environment from the destructive effects of fire, disasters or other life hazards by providing public education, incident prevention and emergency response services.

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The priorities of the Chapel Hill Fire Department include safety, service and morale. Duties and services of the Fire Department include:  

  • Fire suppression.         Fire Department Patch   
  • First responder - Emergency medical.                
  • Vehicle extrication and basic response.            
  • Fire code enforcement through an inspection program.
  • Disaster management and emergency operations center.    
  • Participation in regional Urban Search & Rescue Team.
  • Public education through in-house and out-reach programs.
  • Fire cause and determination investigations.
  • Contact department for citizens’ inquiries on safety.
  • Development of domestic preparedness capability
  • History of Chapel Hill Fire Department


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