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Teens of Chapel Hill


The Chapel Hill Youth Initiative

council_goal nurturing_our_communitycouncil_goala_place_for_everyoneThe Youth Initiative or “Chapel Hill 4 YOUth" is working to better meet the needs of our community’s youth population --  ages 12-18 -- through the following: 

  • Engage directly and effectively with youth
  • Raise their awareness of the Town’s current programs and spaces
  • Collaborate and innovate to develop and deploy new programs and services
  • Continually assess and evaluate initiatives

Teen Center

Youth Council


Girls-playing-the-keyboardWEBOur work began in 2014 when a committee of representatives from various Town departments met regularly to discuss current programs and services offered to youth. We compiled an inventory of services and looked closely at our programs to identify opportunities for change and growth. We also worked with cross-sector stakeholders to create partnerships and find overlaps in service areas.

As part of our information gathering efforts, we hosted an initial stakeholder meeting to kick off a series of four community discussions that targeted youth; parents and advocates; nonprofit service providers; and the general public. The events were attended by over 225 people. Additionally, the Superintendent of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro School System, hosted two meeting with his Youth Advisory Council. We offered an online survey to local youth as a way to learn more about their interests. Nearly 120 responses were collected and analyzed. The results from our community outreach efforts concluded with the Chapel Hill 4 Youth Initiative Report.

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