Community Arts & Culture

2016 Neighbor to Neighbor

Sponsored by the Town of Chapel Hill's Community Art Project and iin conjunction with PORCH, a hunger relief organization, textile artist Peg Gignoux and writer Susie Wilde worked with a core group of pre-teen youth at the Rogers Road Community Center and Smith Elementary's English as a Second language program to write an allegorical book about how plants and vegetables learn to share a garden that spoke to strengthening community bonds among diverse neighborhoods.  

Through a series of workshops the pre-teen participants used a vivid collection of patterned fabrics to “draw with scissors.”  They dyed fabrics, printed patterns, collaged and layered cotton and silks together to create vibrant color families from which they created collages of settings, characters and details that tell their story.  Graphic Designer Steve Goodwin also assisted in merging words with pictures for a cohesive publication.  A show-and-tell of the project took place in June of 2016 at The Chapel Hill Public Library.  The original artwork was permanently installed at the Rogers Road Community Center.

The published book also features information to help communities launch neighborhood food drive programs.  The book was distributed by PORCH.  Partial funding for the project was also provided by the Orange County Arts Commission through an Individual Artist Grant.


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