Monday, May 28 is a Town Holiday

Most municipal offices will be closed. Residential trash will not be collected (make-up day is Wednesday, May 30). Chapel Hill Transit will not operate. Chapel Hill Public Library will be open from 1 to 5 p.m. A Special Service of Remembrance will be held at the Orange County Veterans Memorial at 7:30 a.m. Read more.

Support Community Prosperity and Engagement

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ICON Community Prosperity and Engagement

Chapel Hill is a place that supports its existing businesses and institutions and welcomes opportunities to support and improve its economic vitality.

Chapel Hill is home to a preeminent University and the state’s most comprehensive health-care facility. Chapel Hill is also the home of world-class entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

As the community grows, it seeks opportunities to welcome and attract new, complementary employers, businesses, and residents by nurturing the business community.

As Chapel Hill continues to attract new thinkers and new money, the community continues to expand its options to maintain the high quality of life and civic institutions that make this community a connected, exciting, and welcoming place to be.

Key opportunities include actively recruiting innovation and spin-off businesses related to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the UNC Health Care System, supporting the newest entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, and nurturing the retail, commercial, and arts and culture economies that enrich the community.

The broader and more diverse the community is, the more sustainable all parts of the community will be.

• Balance and sustain finances by increasing revenues and decreasing expenses (CPE.1) • Foster success of local businesses (CPE.2) • Promote a safe, vibrant, and connected (physical and person) community (CPE.3)

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