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Ephesus/Fordham Form-Based Code

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The Ephesus Fordham District

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The following regulations appear in Section. 3.11. of the Town’s Land Use Management Ordinance.

Sec. 3.11. Ephesus/Fordham Form District (Last Updated March 6, 2017)

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Sec. 3.11.1. Introductory Provisions Purpose Overall Site Design

Sec. 3.11.2. District Character Districts and Frontages Regulating Plan Walkable Residential (WR-3 and WR-7) Walkable Mixed Use (WX-5 and WX-7) Frontages Building Elements Measurements and Exceptions

Sec. 3.11.3. Use Requirements Permitted Uses Accessory Uses Classification of Uses Permitted Use Table Use Categories

Sec. 3.11.4. Design and Development Standards Parking Standards Landscaping Standards Stormwater Management Site Lighting Outdoor Display & Storage Administration of Form Districts Defined Terms


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