The Ephesus Fordham District

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The Ephesus Fordham District

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The Ephesus Fordham Area became a new zoning district in July 2014. Our goal is to renew and transform an area characterized by strip malls, parking lots, confusing roadways and traffic congestion. The area includes some of Chapel Hill’s older, suburban style shopping centers -- including Eastgate Shopping Center, built in 1958; Village Plaza, built in 1974; and Rams Plaza, built in 1982.

The Ephesus Fordham District advances the Chapel Hill 2020 community goals and addresses concerns expressed in the Community Survey. The vision is to create a pleasant walking experience, and a mix of commercial uses, upper story residences and offices, bike paths and sidewalk cafes. The vision was created by public input through visioning workshops with residents and business owners that began in July 2010.

A Form-Based Code for the zoning district will stimulate new interest in developing and investing here. The Code for the district sets rules for how the district will be built and change over time. All applicants for new development must receive approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Community Design Commission, a citizen advisory board, as well as a Form District Permit.


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