Downtown Master Planning Process


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The Chapel Hill community, the Town of Chapel Hill, and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership are working together to develop a master plan for downtown Chapel Hill.

Since the summer of 2013, the community has been sharing ideas and visions about what downtown Chapel Hill should be like in the future - this process was called "Rosemary Imagined" and then expanded to "Downtown Imagined" to include all of downtown.


Check out the "Downtown Imagined: Community Visions" document!
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These visions and implementation ideas have been pulled together in the document titled "Downtown Imagined: Community Visions."

Click here for the "Downtown Imagined: Community Visions" document - Last revised: October 27, 2014

This is an updated version of the document that was first posted in April of 2014, and then revised in June and August of 2014. Previous versions can be found below.

We know that there are still great ideas out there - if you have thoughts or ideas about this document, please let us know!


What's next? - Analysis

The first phase of the Downtown Master Planning process ("Rosemary/Downtown Imagined") has wrapped up, and we are continuing on to the next phase of the process -  Analysis.

During this phase, we will be gathering data about downtown Chapel Hill. We are interested in learning more about the current conditions and also asking "big" questions about the future of downtown, such as "What type of housing is located in downtown, and where are good locations for new housing?"

We have just begun the analysis phase, and we anticipate that this phase will last until early 2015. Once the analysis phase is nearing completion, we will merge the visions and ideas from the "Downtown Imagined: Community Visions" document with the data about current conditions. Together, this information will be the basis for the draft Downtown Master Plan.

We are anticipating holding community meetings in the spring of 2015 to receive input, feedback, and ideas about the draft Downtown Master Plan.


Have questions or ideas? Contact the project managers!


 For More Information

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