Sustain momentum in the Northside Neighborhood Initiative

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Council Goal

Sustain momentum in the Northside Neighborhood Initiative through continued support and partnership and implementation of the Northside and Pine Knolls Community Plan

Goal Champion

Loryn Clark, Housing and Community Executive Director 


Current Status

The Northside Neighborhood Initiative (NNI) is a partnership among UNC-Chapel Hill, Self-Help, the Jackson Center, the Town of Chapel Hill, and the Town of Carrboro that pursues a shared vision for the historic Northside Neighborhood: a family-friendly, multi-generational community that balances the needs of long-term residents, new owners, renters and students.  Durham-based nonprofit community developer Self-Help is using a $3 million no-interest loan from UNC-Chapel Hill to lead the acquisition and resale of properties in the Northside that is used for housing opportunities, for home ownership and rental, consistent with the community’s goals and vision.  Self-Help's work is done with direct support from the grassroots nonprofit Jackson Center, and in close collaboration with neighborhood residents, non-profit housing providers, and other partners.  Implementation of the Northside Neighborhood Initiative is facilitated through a contract between Self-Help and the Town of Chapel Hill.

The NNI seeks to build on a long history of creative and courageous leadership among the people who live in Northside. It advances ongoing efforts of non-profit organizations like EmPOWERment, Inc., Habitat for Humanity, and the Community Home Trust, that have worked together over the years to promote and to build affordable housing and to conserve the unique strengths of the neighborhood.

The last two fiscal years, the Town has allocated $200,000 in program support to Self Help to support the NNI.  Staff evaluates progress through monthly meetings with core NNI partners, as well as through review of quarterly reports from Self Help detailing progress on the services outlined in the performance agreement they have with the Town.   

As of the end of the third quarter of 2016, Self Help reported:

  • Acquiring three additional Land Bank properties
  • Managing the 11 properties in the Land Bank as of the end of Q3 2016
  • Putting one additional property under contract to close in Q4 of 2016
  • Gathering and began reviewing applications for a property tax relief program targeted at low-income, senior homeowners to be funded by the Oak Foundation grant award.
  • Funding critical repairs to five homes through the Promise of Home program using approximately $45,000 in Oak Foundation grant funds.
  • Leasing two units in Land Bank-owned properties, one to a low-income tenant in place at the time of acquisition and the second to a Housing Choice Voucher holder.
  • Successfully closing the sale of an affordable home from the Land Bank to the Community Home Trust which sold to a low-income buyer in a simultaneous transaction.
  • Deploying approximately $30,000 of Oak Foundation grant award funds to buy down the cost of the property sold to Community Home Trust.

Since it's adoption in January 2012, we have made progress in implementing the Northside and Pine Knolls Community Plan. Recent achievements in the implementation of the plan include:

  • Partnering with the Jackson Center in funding Promise of Home, a home repair demonstration program targeted at serving low-income seniors and disabled individuals in the Northside neighborhood.  This program is funded through the Town's Affordable Housing Development Reserve.
  • Partnering with UNC-Chapel Hill and Self Help in the Northside Neighborhood Initiative.
  • Partnering with Habitat for Humanity and the Jackson Center for home rehabilitation projects through "A Brush with Kindness" program.
  • Continuing our education and outreach campaign to students living off campus in Northside and Pine Knolls.

Last Updated

January 30, 2017





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