Develop a Strategy for Creating Vocational Classes and Career Development for Youth

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prosperity_and_engagementCouncil Goal

Develop a strategy for creating vocational classes and career development for youth with the school system, Durham Tech and other non‐ profit organizations

Goal Champion

Susan Brown, Library Director
Jim Orr, Parks and Recreation Director



Project: High School Fire Academy

Current Status: MOU signed with CHCCS to launch a High School Fire Academy in Fall 2017 at CHCCS, contingent on enrollment.  Plan to learn from CHFD experience with this and consider other TOCH departments that might consider something similar – Police, Public Works, Transit, Library, P & R, etc.


Project: Joint Meetings with TOCH and CHCCS, Durham Tech, etc. to understand goals and programs and how we might partner for mutual support.

Current Status: Meetings to take place in March/April 2017


Project: North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN) Community Enablement (CE) Projects

Current Status: Members of NCNGN are working with the Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro as well as the CHCCS on community enablement projects, including testing interactive training opportunities using the gigabit internet services.  This includes training, mentoring and recently a virtual reality training pilot.


Project: Continue to support vocational and career development opportunities for youth across departments. 

Current Status:  Both Parks & Rec and Library are working with CHCCS Community Based Vocational Training program (CBVT), and have 2-4 special needs students deployed in their departments, working with job coaches and getting job training and life skills.  Summer Youth Employment program continues to grow under the leadership of Housing & Community.


Last Updated

January 31, 2017





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