Develop a Holistic Mobility Plan

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getting_aroundCouncil Goal

Develop a holistic mobility plan that:

  • Connects all transportation related plans, including the bike, greenways, transit system, roads and pedestrian plans and facilities
  • Sets priorities for both public and private investment
  • Reduces traffic conflicts and congestion
  • Meets the tests of feasible and consistent with complete streets policy

Goal Champion

Corey Liles, Senior Planner



Chapel Hill Mobility & Connectivity Plan


Current Status

Our community-engagement efforts began in June 2016 and we received more than 500 total comments through an online survey, face-to-face outreach on Chapel Hill Transit buses and outside shopping centers, through our popular WikiMap, and at public input meetings held in June, August and September 2016.

Draft Ephesus-Fordham Subarea Plan – Completed December 2016

Full Draft Mobility & Connectivity Plan – February 2017

Advisory Board & Planning Commission Review – March and April 2017

Final Mobility & Connectivity Plan – June 2017


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