Adopt a Plan for Sustainability for Public Transit

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getting_aroundCouncil Goal

Adopt a plan for financial sustainability for public transit in partnership with UNC‐Chapel Hill, Carrboro, GoTriangle and Orange County

Goal Champion

Brian Litchfield, Chapel Hill Transit Director



Current Status

  • Chapel Hill Transit Partners have agreed to a draft Capital Plan for FY16-28 and it will be referred to Council for consideration.  
  • Town Council has adopted the Locally Preferred Alternatives (LPAs) for the North-South Bus Rapid Transit Project and the project has been accepted into Project Development by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).  
  • Town of Chapel Hill and Funding Partners have agreed to debt-finance up to 15 buses and utilize grant funds and unobligated fund balance to purchase replacement buses. We have placed an order for 16 buses, that will arrive between January 2017 and May 2017.    

Last Updated

January 30, 2017




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