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Fee Schedule: Planning/Development

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Development Review Fees

Type of Application/Permit Fee Schedule
Zoning Compliance Permit (ZCP)

Staff Review/Administrative Approval
Final Plans for Zoning Compliance Permit Issuance
 - Special Use Permit
 - Major Subdivision
 - Minor Subdivision
 - Site Plan Review

 - Conditional Zoning District
Revised Final Plans/Revised Phasing Plan
RCD Encroachment
RCD Exemption Approval

Single-Family/Two-Family Staff Review/ Administrative Approval
Single-Family/Two-Family "Express" Staff Review/ Administrative Approval

Single-Family/Two-Family "Minor" Staff Review/Administrative Approval
Combined Single-Family/Two-Family ZCP and RCD Encroachment

Special Events Permit [for-profit events]
Home Occupation
Tree Canopy Mitigation Fee

Food Truck ZCP - Property Owner
Food Truck ZCP - Vendor


Exceptions to Front Yard Parking Requirements

Tele-communication Staff review

Review for compliance with Federal and State regulations

 - Co-Location or Modification, Streamlined Review (eligible facility)

 - Co-Location, Modifications, and Upgrades (non-eligible facility), Site Review and Report 

 - All Others

Ephesus/Fordham District
Form District Permit

Form District Permit Modification 

Special Appearance District Certificate of Appropriateness and Modifications

Urban Designer


$480 + $15 / 100 SF

$3,890 + $15 / 100 SF
$3,890 + $30 / lot
$480 + $15 / lot
$1,150 + $15 / 100 SF

$3,890 + $30 / 100 SF


$500 per tree








$11,650 + $45 / 100 sq ft


$165 / hour

Wireless Communications Facility

Facility in Right-Of-Way, Consultant review






Preliminary Plat
Re-approval (Preliminary Plat)
Minor Subdivision

Re-approval (Minor subdivision)
Final Plat
Recombination Plat or Exempt Plat

$7,785 plus $300 / lot
$960 plus $60 / lot

$600 plus $60 / lot

Historic District Commission

Certificates of Appropriateness

 - Tier 1

 - Tier 2

 - Tier 3
Combined Tier 3 Certificates of Appropriateness and Zoning Compliance Permit Application 
Building Elevations, Lighting Plan, or Alternative Buffer
Concept Plan Review






Community Design Commission (CDC)
Building Elevations, Lighting Plan, or Alternative Buffer
Concept Plan Review
Sign Plan Review

Individual Sign or Individual Sign Complaint with Approved Unified

Sign Plan (single business on one zoning lot)

Unified Sign Plan (multiple businesses on one zoning lot)


Site Plan Review
Site Plan Review and Modification*
Extension, Renewal, Minor Change

Northside and Pine Knolls Neighborhood Conservation Districts only:
     Combined Site Plan Review and ZCP Application
     Project Name Change
     Site Plan for parking exemption/exception
$2,995 + $30 / 100 sq ft*

Special Use Permits

Special Use Permit or Modification

Single Family Development unrestricted by Floor Area
Extension, Renewal, Minor Change, Abandonment, or Revocation
Extraction of Earth Products, Landfill, Cemetery, Park/Ride Terminal
Radio/TV Transmitting/Receiving Facility
Pre-Application [non-refundable fee, credited to formal application fee]

$7,785 + $30 / 100 sq ft*

$7,785 + 300 / unit
$7,785 + $30 / acre

All Master Land Use Plans* $7,785 + $30 / 100 sq ft*
Abandonment, Revocation $1,200
Zoning Map and Text Amendments (Including Joint Planning Areas &
Neighborhood Conservation District Overlays)
$1,200 plus $60 / acre***


Research (involving one or more of the following: Zoning Opinion Letter, Paper archives,
micro fiche, Zoning Project case history or code compliance history)

$60 / hr
Development Plan (OI-4) $6,000 plus $120 / acre
Site Development Permit $4,800
Development Agreement negotiated w/Town Council

Public Meetings (more than 5, the first 5 are included) 

Site Development Permit - Carolina North
Development Agreement Permit - All Others

Staff hourly rates 

$11,650 + $45 / 100 sq. ft.

Board of Adjustment
Variance or Appeals
Resubmission of Applicant's Request (see above account numbers) ~ 50% of applicable fees after staff report
has been drafted.
Development Notification Postcards
Postcards for Development Notifications per postcard $0.80



All review fees are doubled if the activity or site change requested has already occurred or been started unless the Manager or his/her designee find that there are mitigating circumstances. Revisions requested more than 30 days after a permit is issued require a new permit application and fee.

Fees are waived for Town of Chapel Hill development applications.

Applications from non-profit organizations involving permanent residential development in which documentation is provided that 100% of the dwelling units will be occupied by low-moderate income households (80% of area median income as defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development), the development application fee shall be waived.

Fees are waived for service projects by non-profits, for a non-profit organization.

The maximum application fee for any Zoning Map Amendment, Subdivision, or Zoning Compliance Permit application shall be $80,000.00.

In the case of a Master Plan and a Special Use Permit submitted concurrently, the application fee shall be waived for the application with the smaller fee.

* Based on square footage of floor area.
** Changes to an active application, post-completion of an advisory board or council memorandum that results in additional staff review and revisions to staff memorandum
*** Neighborhood Conservation Districts fees are waived for areas in which it is documented that 51% of the property owners are low to moderate income as defined by HUD.


Ordinances and Reports Cost
Printing Land Use Management Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan, Data Book, Design Guidelines, Historic District Guidelines Handbook, Bicycle Plan, or Pedestrian Plan (per page) $0.10 (B&W)

$0.15 (Color)


Maps and Copying Cost
Copying and Printing per page (smaller format, less than 11 x 17)




Copying and Printing per page (larger format, larger than 11 x 17)




Miscellaneous Scanning, Printing, and Copying (less than 11 x 17)




Professional Training Registration (per session) $10


 GIS Division

GIS Street or Zoning Map $25 each
Aerial Photos $30 each

Specialty Maps and GIS Data Services
*One Hour Minimum

$65 / hour


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