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Meg McGurk,
Executive Director for the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership
Megan Wooley,
Community Sustainability
Planner II at the Town of Chapel Hill

Big news! We're expanding!

The Rosemary Imagined planning process (which focused on developing a vision and plan for Rosemary Street) is expanding to include all of downtown, including Franklin Street.

The newly named – “Downtown Imagined” – is the planning process that will build upon the work and community input from Rosemary Imagined to develop a plan for all of downtown!

Downtown Imagined is:

  • A community planning process that will imagine and envision Downtown Chapel Hill of the future and will develop a plan to reach these visions.
  • Building upon the community work of Rosemary Imagined which is an innovative planning initiative that will refine our thinking of how Rosemary Street fits into the development and growth of downtown Chapel Hill.
  • Focused on developing a vision for the future of the downtown that emphasizes the Town’s focus on connections, choices, and community.

Want to learn more? Watch this VIDEO!


Next Steps

Our next steps are to continue to gather feedback about the draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan (for more information, please see below). We are also starting to have conversations about what all of downtown should be in the future. We welcome participation from everyone! 


Upcoming Meetings

We will be holding two informal, drop-in sessions, so please come and share your ideas for Franklin, Rosemary, Henderson, Church, and all the streets that make our downtown great.

When are the drop-in sessions?

  • Monday, July 21st from noon-1:00pm at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, 140 W. Franklin Street
  • Wednesday, July 23rd from 5:00-6:00pm at Tru Deli, 114 Henderson Street

For information about places to park when coming to the sessions, please visit  

Can’t make either of these sessions? No worries! You can contact us through email or by phone to share your ideas. To reach Meg and Megan, email or call Meg McGurk at 919-967-9440 and Megan Wooley at 919-969-5059.

In early August, we will be holding a large community meeting to gather more thoughts about downtown Chapel Hill and to share a draft concept map and plan for downtown.



Revised Draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan + Concept 
Last Revised: June 2014

Share your thoughts about the revised draft concept and plan for Rosemary Street!

What is in the revised draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan?
The Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan consists of two parts:

  • The draft concept which is a map of Rosemary Street that identifies:
    • Potential redevelopment sites along Rosemary Street;
    • Locations of parks and greenways;
    • New pedestrian and bicycle connections as well as long-term opportunities for car connections;
    • And lots of other fun and neat things!
  • Twenty-one visions for the future of Rosemary Street. These visions include a vision statement, "next steps," and leads and partners for implementation and are organized based on the themes from the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan. 

How was the revised draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan developed?
In April of 2014, we began gathering input and thoughts from the community about the three draft concepts and the draft vision plan for Rosemary Street (for copies of these drafts, see below). We received a lot of great feedback, and thank you to everyone who attended the meetings!

We have taken the input and revised the three draft concepts into one draft concept and have updated the draft vision and implementation plan. We would now like your feedback about the revised draft concept and draft vision plan!

How can I give my input?
Please let us know if you have thoughts to share about the revised draft concept and plan! You can email or call Megan Wooley (Town of Chapel Hill) or Meg McGurk (Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership). Megan W can be reached at 919-969-5059, and Meg M can be reached at 919-967-9440. Both can be reached through email at

If your neighbors or organization would like to meet with Megan and Meg to share your thoughts, please let us know, and we would be happy to meet with you!


Past Versions of the Draft Concept and Draft Plan for Rosemary Street

Draft Concepts - April 2014
Three draft concepts have been developed by the consulting team from KlingStubbins, a planning firm located in Raleigh. These concepts are based upon the community input and feedback received during the community meetings held in the summer and fall of 2013 and from meetings with property owners.

  • To view the draft Concepts from April of 2014, titled Option A, Option B, and Option C, please click here: DRAFT CONCEPTS

Draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan - April 2014
During the Rosemary Imagined community meetings, many participants shared visions for and ideas about the Rosemary Street of the future. These ideas were pulled together to create the draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan.

  • To view the draft Rosemary Street Vision and Implementation Plan from April of 2014, please click here: DRAFT PLAN


Community Feedback

April - May of 2014

 June 2014


Additional Information and Resources



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